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This article in Counter-Currents makes for interesting reading: Cass Sunstein, the Unprincipled Man It is by Margot Metroland, one of the most intellectual and erudite sophisticates in White Nationalist circles. She reviews the books of Cass Sunstein and finds him to be ‘obvious’ and hypocritical. Yes, Cass Sunstein is yet another one of those Jews... Read More
I’m not really sure how to explain this, but CBS News has released a documentary which appears to have been based on Daily Stormer articles. The documentary is out somewhere, and I haven’t watched it, but the preview they have up on Twitter starts out talking about how no one knows where any of these... Read More
Since April 2020, I've published a long series of articles arguing that there is a strong perhaps even overwhelming case that the global Covid epidemic that has taken over 15 million lives, including more than a million Americans, was the result of an American biowarfare attack against China (and Iran). Although I believe I have... Read More
I'm interested in stories that go uncovered and undercovered. Fewer stories are less obscured today than life in Russia under Western sanctions. I'm especially interested in stories that are so imbued with spin and propaganda that the news media has abandoned all pretense of objectivity. That's certainly true about the Russia-Ukraine conflict. I spent last... Read More
Is Biden saying that Griner didn’t have a weed vape cartridge on the plane? Is he saying the confession was obtained through torture or is otherwise invalid or fraudulent? Or is he saying that weed should be legal in Russia? Also, remember – this bitch didn’t just have weed on her person, she brought it... Read More
Photo Credit: The Cradle
This is the way the “Global War on Terror” (GWOT) ends, over and over again: not with a bang, but a whimper. Two Hellfire R9-X missiles launched from a MQ9 Reaper drone on the balcony of a house in Kabul. The target was Ayman Al-Zawahiri with a $25 million bounty on his head. The once... Read More
China pushes back against US-led military intervention in Asia
Every leader and top official now in power in the so-called Western World seems to have forgotten that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was founded in 1949 as an alliance that was ostensibly defensive in nature, intended to counter the expansion of Soviet style communism in Europe. That role continued to be the raison... Read More
It was obvious that after 4 years of the peacemonger Donald Trump, a big reason of why the Jews were in such a rush to overthrow him is that they wanted wars. Hillary Clinton had campaigned on war with Russia and others. When Biden came in, you had these 3 main enemies: Russia, China, and... Read More
The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), the state news agency of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), has recently accused the US of being a "sponsor of biological terrorism", adding that allegations that Washington is behind the COVID-19 pandemic are "by no means fortuitous". Pyongyang's assumptions with regard to Washington's potential role in the... Read More
In The Grand Chessboard, Zbigniew Brzezinski speculated about the American unipolar hegemon’s ultimate geostrategic nightmare: “a new ‘antihegemonic’ coalition, formed around the three powers with the greatest geopolitical stake in reducing America’s primacy in Eurasia.” Those three powers, of course, are Russia, China, and Iran. Such a development, Brzezinski observed, would “bring together the world’s... Read More
While in America we tear down monuments to Robert E. Lee, in Russia they tear down monuments to Lenin
The war in Ukraine is not really about Ukraine—it is not about Ukraine’s sacrosanct borders which have been supposedly violated by Russia. And it is most certainly not about the vaunted “defense of democracy,” as we constantly hear screamed in our ears by the media and by a broad panoply of American (and European) political... Read More
The Presstitute lie sheet–The Guardian (UK)–has to admit that Washington’s Russian Sanctions Are a Total Failure–“The rouble is soaring and Putin is stronger than ever – our sanctions have backfired.” “Western sanctions against Russia are the most ill-conceived and counterproductive policy in recent international history. World energy prices are rocketing, inflation is soaring, supply chains... Read More
The meeting of the SCO Ministerial Council in Tashkent this past Friday involved some very serious business. That was the key preparatory reunion previous to the SCO summit in mid-September in fabled Samarkand, where the SCO will release a much-awaited “Declaration of Samarkand”. What happened in Tashkent was predictably unreported across the collective West and... Read More
An Interview With Alexander Porozhnyakov of the “Tsar’s Cross” Movement
Alexander Porozhnyakov is a young, conservative grassroots activist in Russia. He’s been in the wider right-wing movement for a decade, which makes him a veritable veteran of right-wing Russian politics. He runs a media project called “Tsar’s Cross” that promotes Orthodoxy, Russian nationalism and criticizes Liberals in both civil society and the government. We met... Read More
When you hear “the Zelensky people are killing POWs,” you think “well, that’s not particularly surprising at all.” Then you read the story. RT: The US on Friday declined to speculate on the shelling of the Ukrainian prisoners in Elenovka, saying it did not have enough information to do so. Meanwhile, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres... Read More
As in a Greek tragedy whose protagonist brings about precisely the fate that he has sought to avoid, the US/NATO confrontation with Russia in Ukraine is achieving just the opposite of America’s aim of preventing China, Russia and their allies from acting independently of U.S. control over their trade and investment policy. Naming China as... Read More
Ukraine’s government says it will not hesitate to strike Russian territory with the new long range weapons Washington has provided. “If needed the government will act without hesitation.” As the idiot British government did with the “Polish Guarantee,” the idiots in Washington have given a Nazi government in Ukraine power to put us into direct... Read More
Government and the media work together to promote war on Russia
[This article is derived from a speech I made at the July 23rd Peace and Freedom Rally in Kingston New York] There are some things that I believe to be true about the anarchy that purports to be US foreign policy. First, and most important, I do not believe that any voter cast a ballot... Read More
This is just goofy. “Is this war terrorism???” I think the words “war” and “terrorism” have two different meanings, and I don’t really see why any adult would agree to conflate the terminology for political reasons. Words should have definitions. “State sponsor of terrorism” is often a canard, but it is often used in connection... Read More
We left Comrade Krieger last time 37 km from Kiev proper, freezing in a sniper nest on the roof of an abandoned shopping center. After our night on the roof and our morning spent drinking tea, our unit linked up with a SOBR unit (hard-hitting Spetznaz SWAT equivalents) and some OMON people (also a kind... Read More
2020 Presidential winner Donald Trump has again attacked fake president Joe Biden for promoting the Russia war hoax. RT: The US has too many problems of its own to hand money and weapons to Ukraine for its conflict with Russia, former US President Donald Trump has said. It’s Europe that should be providing more help... Read More
Those were the days, in 1955, at the legendary Bandung conference in Indonesia, when the newly emancipated Global South started dreaming of building a new world, via what became configured later in 1961 in Belgrade as the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM). The Empire of Chaos – and Lies – would never allow a starring role for... Read More
That friendly fist bump with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman might not have been such a defining moment — had Biden not first set himself up. During the 2020 campaign, Biden said that when he encounters the prince, he would treat him like the "pariah" he was for having authorized the murder and dismemberment... Read More
The U.S. Government’s “Nuclear Primacy” meta-strategy says that there are “acceptable” levels of destruction of America in a nuclear war against Russia and/or China, so long as America “comes out on top” globally, at the end. Brian Berletic walks us through the Rand Corporation’s plan for the Pentagon to attack China during the narrow window... Read More
Oil and gas, wheat and grains, missiles and drones – the hottest topics in global geopolitics today – were all on the agenda in Tehran this week. Photo Credit: The Cradle
The Tehran summit uniting Iran-Russia-Turkey was a fascinating affair in more ways than one. Ostensibly about the Astana peace process in Syria, launched in 2017, the summit joint statement duly noted that Iran, Russia and (recently rebranded) Turkiye will continue, “cooperating to eliminate terrorists” in Syria and “won’t accept new facts in Syria in the... Read More
Well, it looks like Russia really is shutting off the gas, as I requested. At least, he’s threatening to do that, and will presumably turn it back on if NATO backs down and surrenders Russia’s part of the Ukraine, and gets Zelensky to sign a paper saying he won’t join NATO. I just really wish... Read More
American soldiers are already “boots on the ground”
The White House keeps insisting that it will not directly involve American soldiers in the war in Ukraine, but it keeps taking steps that will inevitably lead to a large-scale open combat role for the US against Russia. Among the most recent moves to increase the pressure on the Kremlin, Biden revealed at a NATO... Read More
So, Joe Biden, the alleged President of America, was supposed to go to this meeting with the Arabs and beg them for oil. Instead, the wacky sonovabitch strapped a bomb to his chest and ran into a crowd of sheiks, yelling “Ukrainia Akbar!” before clicking the detonator. Reuters: [citation needed] Biden, who began his first... Read More
Not for freedom of thought, of speech, of association, freedom of doctors to treat patients according to their best judgment, due process, habeas corpus, parental rights, privacy, protection against arbitrary search and arrest. All of these protections have already been stamped out in America and throughout the West. Americans would be much freer if the... Read More
The War of Economic Corridors is now proceeding full speed ahead, with the game-changing first cargo flow of goods from Russia to India via the International North South Transportation Corridor (INSTC) already in effect. Very few, both in the east and west, are aware of how this actually has long been in the making: the... Read More
At the NATO summit in Madrid, Finland was invited to join the alliance. What does this mean for Finland? If Russian President Vladimir Putin breaches the 830-mile Finnish border, the United States will rise to Helsinki's defense and fight Russia on Finland's side. What does Finland's membership in NATO mean for America? If Putin makes... Read More
When the Americans liberalized Russia, they conquered her
The Kremlin’s Liberal Spokesman Says BRICS Not a Substitute for G20, Thus Elevating the West’s policy-making forum Over Russia’s BRICS. By continuing to supply Russia’s NATO enemies with energy, the Kremlin is throwing away a powerful lever by providing NATO countries the time they need to acquire alternatives to Russian energy, thus minimizing the damage... Read More
I dislike Vucic because of his Uncanny Valley face and inability to commit as pro-Russia, instead identifying as “neutral.” However, he deserves big credit for being the first head of state to actually say in public what I’ve been saying since March: World War III has already begun. The US funding the Ukraine military to... Read More
The Kremlin continues to invite more provocations that are leading to war. Indoctrinated Western peoples do not realize how liberal the Kremlin is. Russia, alone among the powerful countries, has taken it upon herself to uphold the international rule of law and adherence to business contracts and state agreements. In a way this is commendable,... Read More
The Suicide Spectacular Summer Show, currently on screen across Europe, proceeds in full regalia, much to the astonishment of virtually the whole Global South: a trashy, woke Gotterdammerung remake, with Wagnerian grandeur replaced by twerking. Decadent Roman Emperors at least exhibited some degree of pathos. Here we’re just faced by a toxic mix of hubris,... Read More
Using these energy sanctions to punish Russia is like if a woman tried to punish a man by giving him blowjobs. Like, “oh, I didn’t destroy you with the last blowjob? Well, let’s see how you like it if tomorrow I give you four blowjobs!” RT: The US/EU junta compact is now threatening to do... Read More
This meeting of Putin with the Russian State Duma Leaders of all the political parties on July 7 shows a solidarity that is obviously missing in the US. The US is riven with conflicting interests even to the point that one political party has weaponized the US Department of Justice against the other and is... Read More
Let’s be honest about who is promoting it
Five years ago, I wrote an article entitled “America’s Jews Are Driving America’s wars.” It turned out to be the most popular piece that I have ever written and I was rewarded for it by immediately being fired by the so-called American Conservative magazine, where I had been a regular and highly popular contributor for... Read More
Jeffrey Sachs in Tikkun (a liberal-left Jewish publication): The war in Ukraine is the culmination of a 30-year project of the American neoconservative movement. The Biden Administration is packed with the same neocons who championed the US wars of choice in Serbia (1999), Afghanistan (2001), Iraq (2003), Syria (2011), Libya (2011), and who did so... Read More
The Kremlin intended Russia’s intervention in Ukraine to be limited to Donbass. The purpose was to drive out the Ukrainian and neo-Nazi military forces that were occupying parts of the two independent republics and shelling the residents. Had Russia intervened eight years previously, the intervention could have been limited and quickly concluded. But the Kremlin,... Read More
Based judo move. “Which way, Ukraine man?” AP: Between 2019, when the procedure was first introduced for the residents of Donetsk and Luhansk, and this year, more than 720,000 people living in the rebel-held areas in the two regions — about 18% of the population – have received Russian passports. In late May, three months... Read More
The Ukraine is an Aryan State, defended by the Aryan Azov Battalion against Russian orcs. When people do a word association game, the number one word associated with “Aryan” is “Jew occupation government.” The second is “anal.” RT: A petition calling on Volodymyr Zelensky to legalize gay marriage will be considered by the Ukrainian president... Read More
Here I am again like a broken record repeating that the Kremlin’s toleration of provocations guarantees that the Kremlin will experience more provocations. To again repeat myself, Washington broke up the Soviet Union in order to create independent countries on Russia’s borders that, with “color revolutions,” could be turned against Russia. So far Washington has... Read More
Macro N' Cheese with Steve Keen
Michael Hudson [intro/music] A central tenet of the World Bank from the beginning is to convince countries not to grow their own food, but to create plantation agriculture to prevent family-owned farming of food, to grow plantation export crops and they become dependent on the United States for their grain. [00:00:22.610] – Steve Keen [intro/music]... Read More
No sooner had I given up on the US Congress when Georgia Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green said that “Ukraine is the new Iraq wrapped up with a pretty little NATO bow, with a nuclear present inside.” She said that instead of sending weapons and billions of dollars to Ukraine, the US should pull out... Read More
NATO is saying they’re going to power World War III with windmills. They announced this last week when they were declaring Russia and China global enemies that need to be destroyed (basically just another standard declaration of a world war). Reuters: So, Russia is an existential threat because of… Ukraine democracy values or… something. But... Read More
Beginning with our 1898 intervention in Cuba’s war of independence against Spain and taking over its empire from Latin America to the Philippines, we now have over 800 military bases around the world to defend and extend our domination. Behold: Uncle Sam, the 21st century Goliath, the Global Hegemon with our latest “General Breedwar” commanding... Read More
The Kremlin emanates confusion. The Kremlin is doing its best to appease the West, and the West won’t let them. Just consider the matter of Russia servicing its foreign debt. The West has done everything possible to prevent Russia from servicing her debt, and Russia has done everything possible to turn its money over to... Read More
This is the NPR headline: I can tell you what it means. It means the jig is up. It means the tables have turned. It means I’m doing this: It means you lose, Jews. I win. Now, it’s just a slow, bloody, fiery decline as a new power rises in the East, and the Western... Read More
It’s easy to see why, according to a new Harris poll, 71 percent of Americans said they do not want Joe Biden to run for re-election. As Americans face record gas prices and the highest inflation in 40 years, President Biden admits he could not care less. His Administration is committed to fight a proxy... Read More