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I see I have once again made the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hatewatch Headlines. They link to, who caught me hatefully spewing hateful hatefulness in an interview I gave to blogger Joseph Cotto: Let me pause briefly to wonder how it is that Cultural Marxists get all the dot-org websites, then allow me to... Read More
PC won't last for ever.
Call me a cockeyed optimist, but I took heart from the micro-fuss over Jerry Seinfeld’s push-back against PC bullying the other day. In case you missed it, Seinfeld was being interviewed on TV about his recent comedy series. “I have noticed that most of the guests [i.e., on Seinfeld’s series] are mostly white males,” murmured... Read More
As promised last week, here is Part II of random ruminations on my fifteen minutes of worldwide fame six months ago. But first a housekeeping note. Some commenters and emailers have wondered if there is a transcript of Bob Weissberg’s speech to the American Renaissance conference in March. I don’t believe there is, but in... Read More
This coming weekend marks the six-month anniversary of my fifteen minutes of worldwide fame. To mark the occasion, I shall give over this week’s and next week’s columns to some random ruminations on the event, its aftermath, and the race business in general, collecting my thoughts under a few general headings. Truth… The first thing... Read More
On a call-in radio program recently, we had been airing my infamous assertion in a Taki’s Magazine column back in April that white people should avoid large concentrations of blacks as likely to be dangerous. A caller asked me why I would not be similarly fearful of a large concentration of whites. I made the... Read More
Laura Ingraham on a sticky wicket.
Ah, reality! That mysterious, untouchable world of mass and energy, of gravity and fire, of genes and synapses. It lurks out of sight there beyond our reach, knowable to us only by the occasional fragments of it that impinge on our senses, and that are then, after much error-introducing data compression and many wasting detours... Read More
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