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Under Prime Minister Tony Blair and his cohorts, Great Britain is threatening to become almost as totalitarian, if not more, in its reconstruction of history as the United States under Bill Clinton. One such cohort is Ken Livingstone, the new mayor of London, whose contribution to constructing the new order is to propose that the... Read More
Virtually unknown to (and unwanted by) most Americans, Congress may soon vote to grant a mass amnesty to more than 3 million illegal aliens. The reasons the impending vote is virtually unknown are obvious enough: The backers of the amnesty hope to push it through before anyone notices, and its opponents are afraid of the... Read More
Last week, the U.S. Senate voted to spend some $1 billion on behalf of the nation of Colombia, to help it fight drug dealers. The money will go to train Colombian police and military and equip them with helicopters and other fancy stuff. Meanwhile, as the senators spout and sputter over poor little Colombia and... Read More
If you like the illegal aliens now pouring across the borders of Arizona and points west to work as cheap labor for agribusiness, you'll love the most recent measure concocted by the Republicrats to import even more foreign workers to take high-tech jobs from Americans. The migrants coming in under the so-called H-1B program are... Read More
One reason there's not much of a debate about the mass immigration that has swept into the country during the last 30 years is that most of the eggheads who expound on immigration harbor the fond illusion that the immigrants will assimilate -- that is, learn the English language, adopt Western and American values and... Read More
In case you're alarmed at the xenophobic trend in this country that prevents us from accepting more than a mere million legal immigrants per year, a new coalition has been formed that you might want to look up. Last week, the New York Times unveiled the plans of two washed-up politicos and a variety of... Read More
Winners take what they want; losers take what they can get. In California, the losers are white people, now known, at least to some, as "European-Americans," and what they can get is their own month, at least in an obscure school district. Everywhere else in the state -- and, before too long, the nation --... Read More
Unknown to most Americans, but widely noticed in the Spanish-language media of immigrant communities, the Clinton administration has endorsed legislation that would grant amnesty to some 500,000 illegal aliens already in the country. The administration's endorsement, announced late last month by Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore, is transparently politically motivated -- Gore needs the vast... Read More
A "racist," immigration expert Peter Brimelow once quipped, is someone who is winning an argument with a liberal. For years, the liberal left has claimed that anyone who opposed immigration was a "racist," a "xenophobe," a "nativist" and all sorts of other unpleasant things to be. Now, the libertarian-neo-conservative right has learned how to sling... Read More
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