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  1. Alienation and Relevance
    National Review, July 1, 1969, pp. 636-638
  2. Books, Arts, Manners
    Appeasement, Past and Present (Review)
    The Origins of the Second World War, by A.J.P. Taylor
    1. The Origins of the Second World War by A.J.P. Taylor
    National Review, March 27, 1962, p. 214
  3. [+]
    Athena's Bat (Review)
    The Counter-Revolution, by Thomas Molnar
    1. The Counter-Revolution by Thomas Molnar
    National Review, February 10, 1970, pp. 160-161
  4. [+]
    Beyond Good and Evil (2 Reviews)
    RKFDV, by Robert L. Koehl
    1. RKFDV by Robert L. Koehl
    2. The Breaking Point by Jacob Presser
    National Review, April 26, 1958, p. 403
  5. [+]
    Books in Brief (Review)
    The German Opposition to Hitler, by Hans Rothfels
    1. The German Opposition to Hitler by Hans Rothfels
    National Review, January 15, 1963, p. 36
  6. [+]
    British Empire, Commonwealth, and Ireland (Review)
    From Bossuet to Newman, by Owen Chadwick
    1. From Bossuet to Newman by Owen Chadwick
    The American Historical Review, July 1958, p. 1043
  7. Burckhardt Studies: Three Comments
    Modern Age, Spring 2002, pp. 187-189
  8. Christianity and the Second Religiosity
    Modern Age, Summer 1990, pp. 201-205
  9. [+]
    The Consequences of Culture (2 Reviews)
    The Shock of the New, by Ian Dunlop
    1. The Shock of the New by Ian Dunlop
    2. The Aesthetics of Freud by Jack J. Spector
    National Review, May 11, 1973, p. 534
  10. [+]
    Conservatism and History (Review)
    The Genesis of German Conservatism, by Klaus Epstein
    1. The Genesis of German Conservatism by Klaus Epstein
    National Review, June 27, 1967, pp. 700-701
  11. [+]
    The Conservative and the Revolutionary Right (3 Reviews)
    Father of Racist Ideology, by Michael D. Biddiss
    1. Father of Racist Ideology by Michael D. Biddiss
    2. Gobineau: Selected Political Writings by Michael D. Biddiss and Arthur Gobineau
    3. The French Right: From De Maistre to Maurras by John Scott McClelland
    National Review, December 15, 1970, p. 1360
  12. The Conservative as Historian
    Francis Parkman
    Modern Age, Summer 1983, pp. 246-255
  13. Conservatives as a Creative Minority
    Modern Age, Winter 1998, pp. 7-14
  14. Books
    Defending Liberty against 'On Liberty' (Review)
    On Liberty and Liberalism, by Gertrude Himmelfarb
    1. On Liberty and Liberalism by Gertrude Himmelfarb
    National Review, September 13, 1974, p. 1050
  15. [+]
    Disputed Heritage of Burke (3 Reviews)
    Burke, Disraeli and Churchill, by Stephen R. Graubard
    1. Burke, Disraeli and Churchill by Stephen R. Graubard
    2. Edmund Burke and the Revolt Against the Eighteenth Century by Alfred Cobban
    3. Philosophy of Edmund Burke by Louis I. Bredvold and Ralph G. Ross
    National Review, June 17, 1961, p. 390
  16. [+]
    Do You Suffer from Deva Vu? (Review)
    In the Twenties, by Harry Kessler
    1. In the Twenties by Harry Kessler
    National Review, December 31, 1971, pp. 1474-1476
  17. [+]
    Dr. Dewey and Dr. Faustus (2 Reviews)
    John Dewey in Perspective, by George R. Geiger
    1. John Dewey in Perspective by George R. Geiger
    2. Consciousness and Society by H. Stuart Hughes
    National Review, October 25, 1958, p. 280
  18. [+]
    The Drift to Starboard (Review)
    The Conservative Mainstream, by Frank S. Meyer
    1. The Conservative Mainstream by Frank S. Meyer
    Modern Age, Summer 1969, pp. 329-330
  19. [+]
    To Educate the Present (Review)
    Essays on Politics and Culture, by Gertrude Himmelfarb and John Stuart Mill
    1. Essays on Politics and Culture by Gertrude Himmelfarb and John Stuart Mill
    National Review, November 20, 1962, pp. 396-397
  20. Educating the Children of the "Me" Generation
    Modern Age, Summer 1981, pp. 255-263
  21. Education in the 1970's
    Consolidation and Reform
    Modern Age, Summer 1971, pp. 253-258
    Elits, Community, and the Truth
    A Little Story
    Modern Age, Summer 2000, pp. 313-316
  23. Equality
    The Greek Historical Experience
    Modern Age, Winter 1981, pp. 46-55
  24. Equality and Ancient Society
    The Egyptian Instance
    Modern Age, Spring 1980, pp. 134-141
  25. Equality in the New Testament
    Modern Age, Fall 1980, pp. 345-354
  26. Equality, Decadence and Modernity (2005)
    The Collected Essays of Stephen J. Tonsor
    1 Review, 1 Readable
  27. Confused Alarms of Struggle and Flight
    The Father of Totalitarian Democracy
    Jean-Jacques Rousseau
    Modern Age, Summer 1987, pp. 243-251
  28. [+]
    Fathers and Sons (Review)
    James and John Stuart Mill, by Bruce Mazlish
    1. James and John Stuart Mill by Bruce Mazlish
    National Review, July 4, 1975, p. 732
  29. The Foundation and the Academy
    National Review, May 14, 1982, pp. 543-551
  30. Freedom and Crisis in Historiography
    Modern Age, Winter 1964, pp. 25-37
  31. A Fresh Start
    American History and Political Order
    Modern Age, Winter 1972, pp. 2-8
  32. [+]
    Germany: Reprieve, Redemption (Review)
    The Death and Life of Germany, by Eugene Davidson
    1. The Death and Life of Germany by Eugene Davidson
    National Review, June 20, 1959, p. 153
  33. [+]
    The God Question (Review)
    Published Essays, 1966-1985, by Eric Voegelin and Ellis Sandoz
    1. Published Essays, 1966-1985 by Eric Voegelin and Ellis Sandoz
    Modern Age, Fall 1992, pp. 65-67
  34. Henry Regnery (1912-1996) A Memorial Tribute
    Modern Age, Fall 1996, p. 314
  35. Modern Letters
    History and the God of the Second Chance (Review)
    The Dynamics of World History, by Christopher Dawson and John J. Mulloy
    1. The Dynamics of World History by Christopher Dawson and John J. Mulloy
    Modern Age, Spring 1958, pp. 199-200
  36. [+]
    History as Nightmare (Review)
    The Rise of the West, by William H. McNeill
    1. The Rise of the West by William H. McNeill
    Modern Age, Spring 1964, pp. 205-206
  37. Holderlin and the Modern Sensibility
    Modern Age, Spring 1971, pp. 143-147
  38. [+]
    Horizons of Freedom (Review)
    The New History and the Old, by Gertrude Himmelfarb
    1. The New History and the Old by Gertrude Himmelfarb
    National Review, May 27, 1988, pp. 52-53
  39. I. The Conservative Dilemma
    How Does the Past Become the Future?
    Modern Age, Winter 2000, pp. 8-13
  40. [+]
    How They Killed the Middle Ages at Berkley (Review)
    The Degradation of the Academic Dogma, by Robert A. Nisbet
    1. The Degradation of the Academic Dogma by Robert A. Nisbet
    National Review, May 18, 1971, pp. 541-542
  41. The Iconography of Disorder
    The Ruined Garden and the Devastated City
    Modern Age, Fall 1973, pp. 358-367
  42. The Inevitability of Tradition
    Modern Age, Spring 1994, pp. 229-232
  43. Intramural
    Why I Too Am Not a Neoconservative
    National Review, June 20, 1986, pp. 54-55
  44. Essays
    Jacob Burckhardt
    Tradition and the Crisis of Western Culture
    Modern Age, Winter 1997, pp. 3-10
  45. Books
    Journey to the Interior (Review)
    Freud and His Followers, by Paul Roazen
    1. Freud and His Followers by Paul Roazen
    National Review, March 28, 1975, p. 352
  46. Liberty and Equality as Absolutes
    Modern Age, Winter 1979, pp. 2-9
  47. Book Reviews
    Liebe Hitler (Review)
    The Hitler of History, by John Lukacs
    1. The Hitler of History by John Lukacs
    Modern Age, Fall 1998, pp. 406-409
  48. Book Reviews
    Lord Acton: Another Eminent Victorian (Review)
    Lord Acton, by Roland Hill
    1. Lord Acton by Roland Hill
    Modern Age, Summer 2001, pp. 253-256
  49. The Man Who Was in Love with the Past
    Modern Age, Summer 1995, pp. 374-378
  50. Marxism and Modernity
    Modern Age, Fall 1991, pp. 6-11
  51. Men and Ideas
    On Living at the End of an Era
    National Review, July 30, 1968, p. 756
  52. Books, Arts, Manners
    Minerva's Owl (Review)
    Memoirs, 1945-1953, by Konrad Adenauer
    1. Memoirs, 1945-1953 by Konrad Adenauer
    National Review, June 28, 1966, p. 631
  53. The Literature of Politics
    The Missionary and the Commissar (Review)
    The Movement of World Revolution, by Christopher Dawson
    1. The Movement of World Revolution by Christopher Dawson
    Modern Age, Fall 1959, pp. 429-430
  54. Mistaken Assumptions
    Modern Age, Winter 2002, pp. 58-59
  55. Modern European History
    The American Historical Review, January 1958, p. 391
  56. Modernity, Science and Rationality
    Modern Age, Spring 1972, pp. 161-166
  57. [+]
    Nationalism in Revival (2 Reviews)
    France and Germany, by Rene Lauret
    1. France and Germany by Rene Lauret
    2. France Reborn by Robert Aron
    Modern Age, Winter 1965, pp. 99-100
  58. The New Natural Law and the Problem of Equality
    Modern Age, Summer 1980, pp. 238-247
  59. [+]
    Nihilism as a Metapolitical Problem (Review)
    Three Faces of Fascism, by Ernst Nolte
    1. Three Faces of Fascism by Ernst Nolte
    Modern Age, Fall 1966, pp. 410-415
  60. [+]
    An Occupational Hazard (Review)
    Generation Without Farewell, by Kay Boyle
    1. Generation Without Farewell by Kay Boyle
    National Review, January 30, 1960, p. 80
  61. [+]
    The Passional 'I' (Review)
    Vom Elend der Literatur, by William S. Schlamm
    1. Vom Elend der Literatur by William S. Schlamm
    National Review, February 21, 1967, pp. 208-209
  62. [+]
    Poet of Gnosticism (Review)
    Shelley: The Pursuit, by Richard Holmes
    1. Shelley: The Pursuit by Richard Holmes
    National Review, September 12, 1975, p. 1004
  63. Poetry and Revolution
    Modern Age, Winter 1969, pp. 7-18
  64. Political Idealism and Political Reality
    Modern Age, Fall 1974, pp. 338-344
  65. [+]
    Political Religion (Review)
    Abraham Lincoln and American Political Religion, by Glen E. Thurow
    1. Abraham Lincoln and American Political Religion by Glen E. Thurow
    Modern Age, Winter 1979, pp. 87-88
  66. Books, Arts, Manners
    Pragmatism on the Potomac? (Review)
    Die Jungen Herren der Alten Erd: Vom Neuen Stil der Macht, by William S. Schlamm
    1. Die Jungen Herren der Alten Erd: Vom Neuen Stil der Macht by William S. Schlamm
    National Review, November 5, 1963, p. 400
  67. [+]
    Prophet of Modernity (Review)
    The Will to Power, by Friedrich Nietzsche and Walter Kaufmann
    1. The Will to Power by Friedrich Nietzsche and Walter Kaufmann
    National Review, January 16, 1968, pp. 41-42
  68. [+]
    Psychedelic Schoolmaster (Review)
    Aldous Huxley: A Biography, by Sybille Bedford
    1. Aldous Huxley: A Biography by Sybille Bedford
    National Review, January 31, 1975, p. 117
  69. Redefining Liberal Education
    Modern Age, Summer 1972, pp. 271-277
  70. [+]
    The Reverent Historian (Review)
    Vistas of History, by Samuel Eliot Morison
    1. Vistas of History by Samuel Eliot Morison
    Modern Age, Spring 1965, p. 208
  71. [+]
    Books in Brief (Review)
    The Survivors, by Norbert Muhlen
    1. The Survivors by Norbert Muhlen
    National Review, May 7, 1963, p. 377
  72. [+]
    Books in Brief (Review)
    The Germans and Their Modern History, by Fritz Ernst
    1. The Germans and Their Modern History by Fritz Ernst
    National Review, February 7, 1967, p. 156
  73. [+]
    The Revolutionary Tradition (Review)
    Political Messianism: The Romantic Phase, by Jacob L. Talmon
    1. Political Messianism: The Romantic Phase by Jacob L. Talmon
    National Review, April 8, 1961, pp. 222-223
  74. [+]
    Roots of German Conservatism (2 Reviews)
    Adenauer and the New Germany, by Edgar Alexander
    1. Adenauer and the New Germany by Edgar Alexander
    2. Germany's New Conservatism by Klemens von Klemperer
    National Review, November 30, 1957, p. 495
  75. [+]
    Rousseau and the Revolutions of Satiety (2 Reviews)
    The Political Philosophy of Rousseau, by Roger D. Masters
    1. The Political Philosophy of Rousseau by Roger D. Masters
    2. Rousseau and the Spirit of Revolt by William H. Blanchard
    National Review, September 10, 1968, p. 916
  76. Essays
    Russell Kirk (1918-1994)
    Modern Age, Winter 1995, pp. 98-101
  77. The Second Spring of American Conservatism
    National Review, September 30, 1977, pp. 1103-1107
  78. [+]
    Sharpening the Antitheses (Review)
    Max Weber: A Biography, by Marianne Weber
    1. Max Weber: A Biography by Marianne Weber
    National Review, August 15, 1975, p. 894
  79. Books
    Sifting So Much Sand (Review)
    Europe in the Twentieth Century, by George Lichtheim
    1. Europe in the Twentieth Century by George Lichtheim
    National Review, January 5, 1973, pp. 37-38
  80. [+]
    'The Sky'a A-Going to Fall' (Review)
    Primal Vision: Selected Writings of Gottfried Benn, by E.B. Ashton and Gottfried Benn
    1. Primal Vision: Selected Writings of Gottfried Benn by E.B. Ashton and Gottfried Benn
    National Review, September 24, 1960, p. 183
  81. Tradition and Reform in Education (1974)
    2 Reviews, 2 Readable
  82. Reviews
    Tradition: Use and Misuse (Review)
    Heroes and Heretics, by Barrows Dunham
    1. Heroes and Heretics by Barrows Dunham
    Modern Age, Fall 1964, pp. 413-415
  83. Two Cheers for Behemoth University
    Modern Age, Spring 1979, pp. 123-129
  84. Uberstudiert in Chicago
    Modern Age, Winter 1988, pp. 57-61
  85. [+]
    Uncommon Common Sense (Review)
    The History Primer, by J.H. Hexter
    1. The History Primer by J.H. Hexter
    National Review, December 3, 1971, pp. 1363-1364
  86. The United States as a "Revolutionary Society"
    Modern Age, Spring 1975, pp. 136-145
  87. [+]
    Victorian Moral Grandeur (Review)
    George Eliot: The Emergent Self, by Ruby V. Redinger
    1. George Eliot: The Emergent Self by Ruby V. Redinger
    National Review, April 2, 1976, p. 341
  88. Reviews
    The View from London Bridge (Review)
    The Catholic Church and Nazi Germany, by Guenter Lewy
    1. The Catholic Church and Nazi Germany by Guenter Lewy
    The New Individualist Review, Summer 1965, pp. 42-46
  89. [+]
    A Wanderer in No Man's Land (Review)
    The Culture We Deserve, by Jacques Barzun
    1. The Culture We Deserve by Jacques Barzun
    National Review, August 4, 1989, p. 41
  90. [+]
    The Way Things Are (Review)
    Kipling: The Glass, the Shadow, and the Fire, by Philip Mason
    1. Kipling: The Glass, the Shadow, and the Fire by Philip Mason
    National Review, November 7, 1975, p. 1248
  91. What is the Purpose of Politics?
    Modern Age, Spring 1974, pp. 114-120
  92. [+]
    When Germany Tried Anarchy (Review)
    Weimar Culture: The Outsider as Insider, by Peter Gay
    1. Weimar Culture: The Outsider as Insider by Peter Gay
    National Review, June 17, 1969, p. 602
  93. Reviews
    The Whig View of History (Review)
    G. M. Trevelyan: A Life In History, by David Cannadine
    1. G. M. Trevelyan: A Life In History by David Cannadine
    Modern Age, Fall 1994, pp. 70-72
  94. [+]
    Who's Afraid of Edmund Burke? (Review)
    The Relevance of Edmund Burke, by Peter J. Stanlis
    1. The Relevance of Edmund Burke by Peter J. Stanlis
    National Review, February 9, 1965, p. 112
  95. [+]
    Wrestling with Angels (Review)
    A Rumor of Angels, by Peter L. Berger
    1. A Rumor of Angels by Peter L. Berger
    National Review, July 29, 1969, p. 759
  96. No Items Found