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  1. Access Excess
    The Americans with Disabilities Act goes Online.
    Reason, May 2000, pp. 49-52
  2. All About Erin
    Heroine of Screen and Courtroom Erin Brockovich Deserves a Prize, all Right. But not fo...
    Reason, October 2000, pp. 19-21
  3. Reasonable Doubts
    Benighted Elite
    Postmodernist Critics of Science get their Comeuppance.
    Reason, June 1999, pp. 62-64
  4. Better Living Through Litigation?
    The Public Interest, Spring 1991, pp. 76-87
  5. Reasonable Doubts
    Big Guns
    Plaintiffs' Lawyers Declare Themselves the 'Fourth Branch' of Government' and go after ...
    Reason, October 1999, pp. 60-63
  6. Books, Arts & Manners
    Breaking Ranks (Review)
    Reflections of an Affirmative Action Baby, by Stephen L. Carter
    1. Reflections of an Affirmative Action Baby by Stephen L. Carter
    National Review, October 7, 1991, pp. 38-39
  7. [+]
    Breast Wishes (Review)
    Science on Trial, by Marcia Angell
    1. Science on Trial by Marcia Angell
    National Review, November 11, 1996, p. 56
  8. Civil Suits
    'Loser-Pays' Makes Lawsuits Fairer in Europe. It Could Work Here, Too.
    Reason, June 1995, pp. 26-31
  9. Confessions of a Macaulay Fan
    The Great Liberal Historian Appreciated on his Bicentenary
    Reason, Aug/Sept 2000, pp. 51-53
  10. Features
    Courting Stupidity
    Why smart lawyers pick dumb jurors
    Reason, January 2003, pp. 22-31
  11. Reasonable Doubts
    Dark Bedfellows
    Postmoderns and Traditionalists Unite Against the Enlightenment.
    Reason, January 1999, pp. 58-60
  12. Reasonable Doubts
    Dial 'O' for Outrage
    Tales from The Excuse Factory's Cutting-Room Floor
    Reason, December 1998, pp. 86-89
  13. Reasonable Doubts
    Dial 'O' for Outrage: The Sequel
    Tales from an Overlawyered America
    Reason, November 1999, pp. 54-57
  14. Diarist
    Around the Clock With Alternate-Side-of-the-Street Parking
    City Journal, Autumn 1990, p. 73
  15. Disabling America
    National Review, May 5, 1997, pp. 40-41
  16. Don't Get Even, Get Mad
    Walter K. Olson says discrimination suits make everyone miserable
    The Women's Quarterly, Summer 1997, pp. 20-23
  17. Books, Arts & Manners
    A Double-Edged Sword (2 Reviews)
    Economics of Income Redistribution, by Gordon Tullock
    1. Economics of Income Redistribution by Gordon Tullock
    2. Welfare for the Well-to-Do by Gordon Tullock
    National Review, September 30, 1983, pp. 1214-1215
  18. The Excuse Factory (1997)
    How Employment Law Is Paralyzing the American Workplace
    5 Reviews, 2 Readable
  19. Reasonable Doubts
    Family Planning
    Social Engineering Tempts the Right.
    Reason, March 1998, pp. 56-57
  20. Reasonable Doubts
    Felon Protection
    Should Employers be Forced to Hire Ex-Cons?
    Reason, December 1999, pp. 78-81
  21. Reasonable Doubts
    Firing Squad
    In the Gun Litigation Wars, Who Really Speaks for Federalism?
    Reason, May 1999, pp. 58-60
  22. Fixing the Civil Service Mess
    City Journal, Autumn 1997, pp. 52-58
  23. Reasonable Doubts
    For Heaven's Sake
    Religious Accommodation and other Openings for Big-Government Conservatism
    Reason, December 1997, pp. 64-65
  24. Reasonable Doubts
    Free to Commit
    'Covenant Marriage' could Strengthen Families. So Why are Traditionalists Lukewarm?
    Reason, October 1997, pp. 60-62
  25. Reasonable Doubts
    Gold Bugs
    Class Action Lawyers Discover Silicon Valley.
    Reason, February 2000, pp. 58-60
  26. Good Standing?
    City Journal, Autumn 1993, pp. 10-11
  27. Government Hiring Hell
    Nutty Employment Laws Threaten Lives, Liberty, Livelihoods, and Even Diversity.
    The American Enterprise, July 1997, pp. 50-51
  28. The Hand That Rocks the Cradle
    National Review, May 11, 1992, pp. 34-35
  29. How to Increase Liberty in America: Ten Suggestions
    Assumption of Risk
    National Review, December 19, 2005, p. 30
  30. Reasonable Doubts
    Invitation to a Stoning
    Getting Cozy with Theocrats
    Reason, November 1998, pp. 62-65
  31. It Didn't Start With Dateline NBC
    National Review, June 21, 1993, pp. 41-44
  32. Judge Dread
    Robert Bork's Hyperbolic Assault on Contemporary Culture is a Best-seller. But it has e...
    Reason, April 1997, pp. 41-44
  33. [+]
    Judge Not... (Review)
    Guilty: The Collapse of Criminal Justice, by Harold J. Rothwax
    1. Guilty: The Collapse of Criminal Justice by Harold J. Rothwax
    Commentary, May 1996, pp. 71-74
  34. Books
    Juries on Trial (2 Reviews)
    The Jury, by Stephen J. Adler
    1. The Jury by Stephen J. Adler
    2. We, the Jury by Jeffrey B. Abramson
    Reason, February 1995, pp. 56-59
  35. Reasonable Doubts
    Kingdom of the One-Eyed
    ADA Advocates Show a Blind Spot on Safety.
    Reason, July 1998, pp. 60-61
  36. At Law
    City Journal, Spring 1993, pp. 22-23
  37. Gums
    Lawyers, Gums, and Rummies
    Why Do We Hate Attorneys?
    Reason, July 1999, pp. 54-55
  38. [+]
    Legal Help (3 Reviews)
    Liability, by Peter W. Huber
    1. Liability by Peter W. Huber
    2. Making Monsters by Richard Ofshe and Ethan Watters
    3. The Marquise of O--, and Other Stories by Heinrich von Kleist
    Reason, December 2000, p. 53
  39. Features
    Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of a Good Beer
    How the ADA has turned alcoholism into a right.
    The Washington Monthly, September 1997, pp. 26-27
  40. The Litigation Explosion (1991)
    What Happened When America Unleashed the Lawsuit
    6 Reviews, 2 Readable
  41. Look for the Kiwi Label
    The 'Anti-Sweatshop' Movement has an Elastic Agenda.
    Reason, July 2000, pp. 52-56
  42. Reasonable Doubts
    Lost in the Wash
    'Know your Customer' Rules send Privacy to the Cleaners.
    Reason, March 1999, pp. 58-61
  43. Reasonable Doubts
    Mugging Libertarians
    The Weekly Standard's Case Against Laissez Faire
    Reason, July 1997, pp. 50-51
  44. Reasonable Doubts
    Neither Nationalist nor Socialist
    How the Swiss Kept Their Freedom in World War II
    Reason, October 1998, pp. 61-62
  45. The New Chutzpah
    Criminals Sue the City
    City Journal, Winter 1994, pp. 46-49
  46. No Secrets
    If you get Arrested, you have the Right to Remain Silent. But if you get Sued, they hav...
    Reason, February 1991, pp. 22-27
  47. Occupational Hazards
    Why 'Sued if you do, Sued if you don't' is the New Rule in Employment Law.
    Reason, May 1997, pp. 22-27
  48. Office Managers
    OSHA's Retreat from its Bid to Regulate Home Workplaces Sets a Subversive Precedent.
    Reason, April 2000, pp. 58-61
  49. Overlawyered & Overgoverned
    An Annual Helping of Tales from a Litigious Society.
    Reason, March 2001, pp. 19-22
  50. The Public Policy
    Framing Texaco
    The American Spectator, February 1997, pp. 49-51
  51. The Magic Settlement"
    Puff, the Magic Settlement
    The Joy of Enormous Tobacco Fees
    Reason, January 2000, pp. 64-66
  52. Reparations, R.I.P.
    City Journal, Autumn 2008, pp. 89-93
  53. Reasonalbe Doubts
    Retro Style
    Redefining Yesterday's Green Light as Red
    Reason, Aug/Sept 1997, pp. 56-57
  54. [+]
    Return to Normalcy (Review)
    Virtually Normal, by Andrew Sullivan
    1. Virtually Normal by Andrew Sullivan
    Reason, January 1996, pp. 56-58
  55. [+]
    Right Off Target (Review)
    The World Turned Right Side Up, by Godfrey Hodgson
    1. The World Turned Right Side Up by Godfrey Hodgson
    Reason, March 1997, pp. 64-65
  56. The Rule of Lawyers (2003)
    How the New Litigation Elite Threatens America's Rule of Law
    4 Reviews, 1 Readable
  57. Reasonable Doubts
    Say What?
    Civil Rights Enforcers go after 'Accent Discrimination.'
    Reason, November 1997, pp. 54-55
  58. They Explained"
    Shut Up, They Explained
    The Speech Police Discover 'Zero Tolerance.'
    Reason, June 1997, pp. 54-55
  59. A Smith & Wesson FAQ
    A Gun Deal With Many Losers
    Reason, June 2000, pp. 54-58
  60. Soundings
    Suing City Hall
    City Journal, Autumn 1994, p. 8
  61. Soundings
    Taking Cola to Court
    City Journal, Winter 2006, p. 9
  62. Stale Claims
    How Long Should the Law Nurse Old Grievances?
    Reason, November 2000, pp. 16-19
  63. Reasonable Doubts
    Standard Accommodations
    The Road to Universal Disability
    Reason, February 1999, pp. 58-60
  64. Reasonalbe Doubts
    Still Crazy
    Are Federal Judgest Taming The ADA? Don't Count on it.
    Reason, May 1998, pp. 49-51
  65. Sue City
    New York's Stake in Lawsuit Reform
    City Journal, Winter 1993, pp. 50-55
  66. Sue City
    The Case against the Contingency Fee
    Policy Review, Winter 1991, pp. 46-51
  67. Tariffs
    Don't Slam the Door
    National Review, March 4, 1983, pp. 248-252
  68. Reasonable Doubts
    Thanks for the Memories
    How Lawyers Get the Testimony they Want.
    Reason, June 1998, pp. 59-62
  69. Theater: Winged Defeat
    National Review, January 24, 1994, pp. 71-72
  70. Reasonable Doubts
    Their Own Petard
    Fans of Activist Litigation Discover the Other Guy can Sue Too.
    Reason, January 1998, pp. 42-43
  71. Reasonable Doubts
    Title IX from Outer Space
    How Federal Law is Killing Men's College Sports
    Reason, February 1998, pp. 50-51
  72. Reasonable Doubts
    Title IX's Invisible Ink
    How the Supreme Court Made Up 'Student-on-Student' Harassment Law
    Reason, Aug/Sept 1999, pp. 62-64
  73. Reasonable Doubts
    Tripp Wire
    How Informers Ended up Behind Every Office Potted Plant.
    Reason, April 1998, pp. 60-61
  74. Reasonable Doubts
    Unified Kvetch Theory
    Got a Problem? Blame 'Radical Individualism.'
    Reason, Aug/Sept 1998, pp. 64-65
  75. [+]
    When Property Is Theft (Review)
    The New Industrial State, by John Kenneth Galbraith
    1. The New Industrial State by John Kenneth Galbraith
    Reason, December 1998, p. 53
  76. [+]
    When Safety Becomes Dangerous (Review)
    Searching for Safety, by Aaron Wildavsky
    1. Searching for Safety by Aaron Wildavsky
    Reason, November 1988, p. 52
  77. Reasonable Doubts
    A Woburn FAQ
    On A Civil Action, skepticism is overdue.
    Reason, April 1999, pp. 56-58
  78. [+]
    The Writerly Rand (Review)
    The Journals of Ayn Rand, by David Harriman and Ayn Rand
    1. The Journals of Ayn Rand by David Harriman and Ayn Rand
    Reason, February 1998, pp. 58-59
  79. Reasonable Doubts
    The Year in Double Takes
    Did they Really Say That?
    Reason, March 2000, pp. 58-61
  80. No Items Found