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  1. Murray N. Rothbard, 1926-1995: A Tribute
    The Rothbard-Rockwell Report, March 1995, p. 19
  2. [+]
    Abortion: a Metaphysical Approach (Review)
    What, How, for Whom, by Henry N. Sanborn
    1. What, How, for Whom by Henry N. Sanborn
    The Freeman, August 1972, p. 509
  3. Bentham, Burke, and QWERTY
    The American Spectator, October 1973, pp. 16-18
  4. Buy American!
    Restrictions work both ways, and everyone loses when trade is forbidden.
    The Freeman, January 1981, pp. 3-9
  5. A Christian View of Labor Unions
    Why a compulsory monopoly has to have victims on the outside.
    The Freeman, July 1978, pp. 394-398
  6. Combatting Bureaucracy
    Let a Hundred Otepkas Bloom
    Reason, October 1973, pp. 21-22
  7. Confessions of a Washington Reject
    A behind-the-scenes look at the bizarre world of Congressional staffs.
    Reason, August 1978, pp. 33-36
  8. The Crisis in Soviet Economic Planning
    Modern Age, Winter 1970, pp. 49-56
  9. Cut-Throat Opportunities
    How consumers bear the burden when new opportunities are prohibited by law.
    The Freeman, June 1982, pp. 347-364
  10. Dominion Covenant (1982)
    1 Review, 1 Readable
  11. Downward Price Flexibility and Economic Growth
    Men who will not look to the market for money and pricing are doomed to disaster.
    The Freeman, May 1971, pp. 302-316
  12. Edmund Burke on Inflation and Despotism
    Burke's warning of the evils of inflation is as timely for us today as for the French o...
    The Freeman, February 1973, pp. 117-124
  13. [+]
    Education in America: 2. Freedom, Morality, and Education (Review)
    The Soviet Economy, by Marshall I. Goldman
    1. The Soviet Economy by Marshall I. Goldman
    The Freeman, November 1968, p. 704
  14. Educational Vouchers: The Double Tax
    Those who want independent schools must stand on principle against the voucher system.
    The Freeman, May 1976, pp. 259-275
  15. Educational Vouchers: The Double Tax
    Pseudo-Market reforms always lead to anti-market results.
    The Freeman, February 1993, pp. 51-58
  16. Exploitation and Knowledge
    Concerning the importance of accurate information and awareness of opportunities.
    The Freeman, January 1982, pp. 3-11
  17. The Fallacy of "Intrinsic Value"
    Not the labor stored in gold but its physical properties cause man to value it as money
    The Freeman, June 1969, pp. 370-375
  18. The Feminine Mistake: The Economics of Women's Liberation
    To price themselves out of the market is scarcely an appropriate step toward women's li...
    The Freeman, January 1971, pp. 3-14
  19. Fixed Exchange Rates and Monetary Crises
    Price control, whether of goods and services or of money, interferes with the peaceful ...
    The Freeman, March 1972, pp. 168-185
  20. [+]
    Foreign Correspondent (Review)
    You Can Survive Any Financial Disaster, by David Smyth
    1. You Can Survive Any Financial Disaster by David Smyth
    Reason, June 1977, p. 76
  21. "Free Parking"- Space Not Available
    If it is scarce and valuable, is should carry a price.
    The Freeman, January 1974, pp. 50-52
  22. The Free-For-All Society
    No society can long survive as a constant free-for-all.
    The Freeman, December 1973, pp. 731-733
  23. Freshman's Guide to Academic Survival
    The American Spectator, January 1971, pp. 5-6
  24. Gold's Dust
    Gold may well collect dust when properly policing a nation's monetary policies.
    The Freeman, October 1969, pp. 599-607
  25. Growing Toyotas, Manufacturing Soybeans
    Free trade benefits everyone.
    The Freeman, January 1993, pp. 30-33
  26. The Hidden Costs of Free Lunches
    Free lunches, if legislated, are devastatingly expensive to the recipients.
    The Freeman, April 1978, pp. 200-203
  27. How Not to Cure an Energy Crisis
    The results of destroying the market are not corrected by further government intervention.
    The Freeman, February 1974, pp. 67-73
  28. How You Can Profit from the Coming Price Controls (1977)
    1 Review, 1 Readable
  29. An Introduction to Christian Economics (1973)
    2 Reviews, 2 Readable
  30. Is There a Right to Work?
    Only if it means the right to make an offer to consumers.
    The Freeman, September 1995, pp. 577-584
  31. Jeremiah's Job
    To understand reality and present it in the most effective way is the prophet's job.
    The Freeman, March 1978, pp. 144-147
  32. Keep Off the Grass
    Observations concerning the nature and the impact of central planning
    The Freeman, August 1978, pp. 475-480
  33. The Last Train Out (1983)
  34. Lew Alcindor and the Gold Crisis
    The Freeman, April 1968, pp. 237-246
  35. Magic, Envy, and Economic Underdevelopment
    Reasons why western prosperity can't be transplanted successfully in many lands.
    The Freeman, February 1975, pp. 80-87
  36. Marx's Religion of Revolution (1969)
    1 Review
  37. Marx's View of the Division of Labor
    An analysis of Marxian errors that have been politically implemented into major disaste...
    The Freeman, January 1969, pp. 28-35
  38. [+]
    Metaphor and Myth (Review)
    Social Change and History, by Robert A. Nisbet
    1. Social Change and History by Robert A. Nisbet
    Modern Age, Fall 1969, pp. 430-431
  39. Midnight Money Analysis
    Reason, March 1976, p. 29
  40. A Modest Academic Proposal
    The American Spectator, October 1971, p. 16
  41. A Modest Macro-Economic Proposal
    National Review, December 8, 1972, p. 1353
  42. The Moral Dimension of Fee
    The Freeman, May 1996, pp. 362-370
  43. The Moral Issue of "Honest Money"
    The case for a money redeemable in gold.
    The Freeman, February 1982, pp. 76-87
  44. The Mythology of Spaceship Earth
    How can man bridge the intellectual chasm between scientific knowledge and moral knowle...
    The Freeman, November 1969, pp. 683-691
  45. Natural Foods vs. the Synthetic A Priori
    The American Spectator, January 1972, pp. 14-15
  46. None Dare Call It Witchcraft (1976)
    2 Reviews, 1 Readable
  47. Ownership, Responsibility, and the Child
    Concerning parental practice of the principles of freedom in the home.
    The Freeman, September 1971, pp. 515-520
  48. Ownership: Free but Not Cheap
    The private owner cannot escape the costs of ownership and the obligation to act as ste...
    The Freeman, July 1972, pp. 401-414
  49. Vital Signs
    Pat Buchanan's First Inaugural Address
    Chronicles, November 1992, p. 45
  50. Paying Bureaucracies to Run Amok
    Why bureaucracies grow.
    The Freeman, August 1993, pp. 306-308
  51. [+]
    A Perfect System of Government? (3 Reviews)
    The Growth of Economic Thought, by Henry William Spiegel
    1. The Growth of Economic Thought by Henry William Spiegel
    2. The Evolution of Economic Thought by W.E. Kuhn
    3. Bright Promises, Dismal Performance by Milton Friedman
    The Freeman, December 1972, pp. 759-760
  52. Perspectives
    The Perseverance of the Family
    The American Spectator, February 1973, p. 5
  53. The Politics of the "Fair Share"
    What will be everyone's "fair share" of judgment when the process of political theft pr...
    The Freeman, November 1993, pp. 448-451
  54. Pollution Control and Biblical Justice
    Restitution is the best means of pollution control.
    The Freeman, September 1986, pp. 338-344
  55. Pornography, Community, Law
    National Review, August 31, 1973, pp. 943-944
  56. Price Competition and Expanding Alternatives
    The moral imperative to maintain the conditions of freedom if we would enjoy its blessi...
    The Freeman, August 1974, pp. 467-475
  57. Public Goods and Fear of Foreigners
    Subsidized services attract more " customers" than taxpayers want to serve.
    The Freeman, March 1974, pp. 131-137
  58. Puritan Economic Experiments (1975)
    1 Review, 1 Readable
  59. The Puritan Experiment in Common Ownership
    The important discovery that social peace is best achieved through private ownership of...
    The Freeman, April 1974, pp. 209-220
  60. The Puritan Experiment with Price Controls
    Concerning the search in early new England for a "Just price."
    The Freeman, May 1974, pp. 270-285
  61. The Puritan Experiment with Sumptuary Legislation
    The customs of a society of status give way to economic practices.
    The Freeman, June 1974, pp. 341-355
  62. R.J. Rushdoony
    The American Spectator, May 1971, p. 24
  63. Reason, Neutrality and the Free Market
    Modern Age, Spring 1971, pp. 138-142
  64. Repressed Depression
    Concerning the process by which the monetary and credit policies that cause inflation e...
    The Freeman, April 1969, pp. 224-233
  65. Between Ends
    Seduced and Abandoned at Columbia (Review)
    The Hunt for the Czar, by Guy Richards
    1. The Hunt for the Czar by Guy Richards
    The American Spectator, November 1970, p. 18
  66. [+]
    The Voice We'll Always Hear (Review)
    Sometimes a Great Notion (1971 Film), by Paul Newman
    1. Sometimes a Great Notion (1971 Film) by Paul Newman
    The American Spectator, June 1972, p. 18
  67. Reviews
    Is the System Bad? (Review)
    The Degradation of the Academic Dogma, by Robert A. Nisbet
    1. The Degradation of the Academic Dogma by Robert A. Nisbet
    The American Spectator, March 1972, p. 18
  68. [+]
    Stalemate in Kingsport (Review)
    The Sociological Tradition, by Robert A. Nisbet
    1. The Sociological Tradition by Robert A. Nisbet
    The Freeman, September 1967, pp. 574-575
  69. [+]
    A Reviewer's Notebook (Review)
    The Spoils of Progress, by Marshall I. Goldman
    1. The Spoils of Progress by Marshall I. Goldman
    The Freeman, October 1972, pp. 638-640
  70. Revolution and the Secular Ethic of Love
    The American Spectator, November 1970, p. 11
  71. The Sanctuary Society and its Enemies
    The Journal of Libertarian Studies, Summer 1998, pp. 205-220
  72. Scalping and Envy
    A careful look at and popular resentment against a most helpful middleman.
    The Freeman, April 1981, pp. 214-215
  73. Scalping and Envy
    A careful look at the popular resentment against a most helpful middleman.
    The Freeman, April 1982, pp. 214-224
  74. Should American Business Give Up Smoking?
    Involving consumer preference and freedom to trade.
    The Freeman, November 1985, pp. 658-666
  75. Should Star Trek Be Regulated as a Monopoly?
    The marketing of star trek from an economic point of view.
    The Freeman, February 1995, pp. 68-72
  76. Statist Bureaucracy in the Modern Economy
    The vital difference between private and governmental planning and organization hinges ...
    The Freeman, January 1970, pp. 16-27
  77. Step to the Rear, Please
    There's better way to get to the head of the line-if you time is worth very much.
    The Freeman, March 1975, pp. 178-182
  78. Subsidizing s Crisis: The Teacher Glut, 1971
    A case history of interfering with the market in education to create a surplus of teach...
    The Freeman, March 1971, pp. 154-167
  79. Tariff War, Libertarian Style
    He who strikes the second blow starts the fight: why it's better to trade goods than to...
    The Freeman, August 1969, pp. 488-496
  80. The Ten Commandments
    II. In the Lord's Name
    Chronicles, December 1992, p. 15
  81. The Theology of the Exponential Curve
    Perpetual progress (Assuming positive interest rates and no natural or man-made catastr...
    The Freeman, May 1970, pp. 293-310
  82. Trickle-Down Economics
    The wealth of nations depends not so much on the few rich but on what those of the midd...
    The Freeman, May 1982, pp. 268-281
  83. Two Kinds of Slums
    The ugliness of slums may reflect the beauty of freedom.
    The Freeman, October 1992, pp. 388-389
  84. Undermining Property Rights
    Coase and Becker
    The Journal of Libertarian Studies, Fall 2002, pp. 75-100
  85. Unholy Spirits (1986)
    Occultism and New Age Humanism
    1 Review
  86. Urban Renewal and the Doctrine of Sunk Costs
    An important lesson in economics concerning when to abandon a lost cause.
    The Freeman, May 1969, pp. 263-269
  87. Vouchers: Politically Correct Money
    The crucial relationship between moral authority, legal authority, and economic authority.
    The Freeman, June 1995, pp. 346-353
  88. No Items Found