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  1. Books in Brief
    Awakening Must Be Swift (Review)
    While Time Remains, by Leland Stowe
    1. While Time Remains by Leland Stowe
    The Forum, October 1946, p. 360
  2. Books in Brief
    Biography in New England (2 Reviews)
    The Happy Profession, by Ellery Sedgwick
    1. The Happy Profession by Ellery Sedgwick
    2. The Lowells and Their Seven Worlds by Ferris Greenslet
    The Forum, November 1946, pp. 456-457
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    Books in Brief (16 Reviews)
    Top Secret, by Ralph Ingersoll
    1. Top Secret by Ralph Ingersoll
    2. My Three Years with Eisenhower by Harry C. Butcher
    3. General Wainwright's Story by Jonathan M. Wainwright and Robert Considine
    4. Experiment in Germany by Saul K. Padover
    5. Diary of a Kriegie by Edward W. Beattie, Jr.
    6. Guerrilla Padre in Mindanao by James Edward Haggerty
    7. The Messenger: The Life of Mohammed by Ronald V.C. Bodley
    8. And Another Thing by Howard Spring
    9. How to Grow Old Disgracefully by Norman Anthony
    10. Success on the Small Farm by Haydn S. Pearson
    11. The Intruders by Robert Bright
    12. The Golden Coin by Lin Tai-yi
    13. Peony by Keith West
    14. The Bulwark by Theodore Dreiser
    15. Country Heart by Isabel Dick
    16. Tempered Blade by Monte Barrett
    The Forum, June 1946, pp. 932-936
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    Books in Brief (16 Reviews)
    Unwritten Treaty, by James P. Warburg
    1. Unwritten Treaty by James P. Warburg
    2. Marching Blacks by Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.
    3. Justice and Social Order by Emil Brunner
    4. Al Smith, American: An Informal Biography by Frank Graham
    5. Steelways of New England by Alvin F. Harlow
    6. A Benjamin Franklin Reader by Nathan G. Goodman and Benjamin Franklin
    7. Fighting Divisions by E.J. Kahn, Jr. and Henry McLemore
    8. Chungking Listening Post by Mark A. Tennien
    9. The Story of the Second World War by Henry Steele Commager
    10. It's Tomorrow Out Here by Max Miller
    11. The Great Pacific Victory by Gilbert Cant
    12. My Yankee Paris by Herbert E. French
    13. Arch of Triumph by Erich Maria Remarque
    14. Twelve Stories by Steen Steensen Blicher
    15. My True Love by Darwin L. Teilhet
    16. The King's General by Daphne du Maurier
    The Forum, March 1946, pp. 652-656
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    Books in Brief (17 Reviews)
    One World---or None, by Dexter Masters and Katharine Way
    1. One World---or None by Dexter Masters and Katharine Way
    2. Political Reconstruction by Karl Loewenstein
    3. To Whom Palestine? by Frank Gervasi
    4. The Story of the Jewish Legion by Vladimir Jabotinsky
    5. The Autobiography of William Allen White by William Allen White
    6. General George S. Patton, Jr., Man Under Mars by James Howard Wellard
    7. Battle Report: The Atlantic War by Walter Karig, Earl Burton, and Stephen L. Freeland, ...
    8. Burma Surgeon Returns by Gordon S. Seagrave
    9. Woman as Force in History by Mary R. Beard
    10. My Africa by Mbonu Ojike
    11. African Journey by Eslanda Goode Robeson
    12. Voodoo in New Orleans by Robert Tallant
    13. Cloak and Dagger by Corey Ford and Alastair MacBain
    14. In the Blazing Light by Max White
    15. The Single Pilgrim by Mary Roland
    16. My Lady of Cleves by Margaret Campbell Barnes
    17. The Lance of Longinus by Prince Hubertus zu Lowenstein
    The Forum, May 1946, pp. 842-846
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    Books in Brief (Review)
    Missouri Compromise, by Tristram Coffin
    1. Missouri Compromise by Tristram Coffin
    The Forum, July 1947, p. 54
  7. Books in Brief
    The Forum, December 1, 1945
  8. Books in Brief
    The Forum, November 1, 1945
  9. Books in Brief
    The Forum, October 1, 1945
  10. Books in Brief
  11. Books in Brief
    Capitalism Must Be Reformed (2 Reviews)
    By Vote of the People, by Willis J. Ballinger
    1. By Vote of the People by Willis J. Ballinger
    2. The Servile State by Hilaire Belloc
    The Forum, December 1946, pp. 550-552
  12. Books in Brief
    The Chinese---Then and Now (2 Reviews)
    China and America, by Foster Rhea Dulles
    1. China and America by Foster Rhea Dulles
    2. Wrath in Burma by Fred Eldridge
    The Forum, July 1946, pp. 72-73
  13. Books in Brief
    "Freedom of Speech and Expression" (Review)
    The First Freedom, by Morris L. Ernst
    1. The First Freedom by Morris L. Ernst
    The Forum, April 1946, pp. 746-747
  14. Books in Brief
    Half a Century in America (2 Reviews)
    The United States in World Affairs, 1945-1947, by John C. Campbell
    1. The United States in World Affairs, 1945-1947 by John C. Campbell
    2. America in Our Time, 1896-1946 by Dwight L. Dumond
    The Forum, October 1947, pp. 245-246
  15. Books in Brief
    "Lives of Great Men Remind Us" (2 Reviews)
    Leo Tolstoy, by Ernest J. Simmons
    1. Leo Tolstoy by Ernest J. Simmons
    2. Balzac by Stefan Zweig
    The Forum, February 1947, pp. 165-166
  16. Books in Brief
    Looking Backward in Politics and Books (2 Reviews)
    William Allen White's America, by Walter Johnson
    1. William Allen White's America by Walter Johnson
    2. American Memoir by Henry Seidel Canby
    The Forum, November 1947, pp. 310-311
  17. Books in Brief
    One World or Two? (3 Reviews)
    Two Worlds, by William B. Ziff
    1. Two Worlds by William B. Ziff
    2. Russia on the Way by Harrison E. Salisbury
    3. A Few Brass Tacks by Louis Bromfield
    The Forum, September 1946, pp. 266-267
  18. Books in Brief
    The Philosophers' Views (2 Reviews)
    An Essay on Morals, by Philip Wylie
    1. An Essay on Morals by Philip Wylie
    2. Philosopher's Quest by Irwin Edman
    The Forum, May 1947, pp. 458-459
  19. Books in Brief
    Plain Talk About World Affairs (Review)
    Gandhi and Stalin, by Louis Fischer
    1. Gandhi and Stalin by Louis Fischer
    The Forum, December 1947, p. 374
  20. Books in Brief
    Planning for World Order (2 Reviews)
    World Order: Its Intellectual and Cultural Foundations, by F. Ernest Johnson
    1. World Order: Its Intellectual and Cultural Foundations by F. Ernest Johnson
    2. Civilization and Group Relationships by R.M. MacIver
    The Forum, February 1946, pp. 556-557
  21. Books in Brief
    Poetry (2 Reviews)
    The Spanish Story, by Herbert Feis
    1. The Spanish Story by Herbert Feis
    2. The Masquerade in Spain by Charles Foltz, Jr.
    The Forum, July 1948, p. 24
  22. Books in Brief
    Politics, Labor and Life (Review)
    The American, by Howard Fast
    1. The American by Howard Fast
    The Forum, August 1946, p. 171
  23. Books in Brief
    The Theatre Arts (4 Reviews)
    Russia and the Russians, by Edward Crankshaw
    1. Russia and the Russians by Edward Crankshaw
    2. Communism and the Conscience of the West by Fulton J. Sheen
    3. Soviet Russia Since the War by Hewlett Johnson, Dean of Canterbury
    4. The Russian Idea by Nicolas Berdyaev
    The Forum, April 1948, pp. 215-216
  24. Books in Brief
    The Theatre Arts (Review)
    The Turning Stream, by Duncan Aikman
    1. The Turning Stream by Duncan Aikman
    The Forum, August 1948, p. 93
  25. Books in Brief
    More than Fifty Years of Forum (2 Reviews)
    Everyman Looks Forward, by Lancelot Law Whyte
    1. Everyman Looks Forward by Lancelot Law Whyte
    2. The Miracle of France by Andre Maurois
    The Forum, December 1948, p. 346
  26. Books in Brief
    The Theatre Arts (2 Reviews)
    Will Dollars Save the World?, by Henry Hazlitt
    1. Will Dollars Save the World? by Henry Hazlitt
    2. The Calculated Risk by Hamilton Fish Armstrong
    The Forum, February 1948, p. 90
  27. Books in Brief
    Our Guests (4 Reviews)
    The Cold War, by Walter Lippmann
    1. The Cold War by Walter Lippmann
    2. Bridges Over the Rhine by Ernst Erich Noth
    3. The European Cockpit by William Henry Chamberlin
    4. Danger from the East by Richard E. Lauterbach
    The Forum, January 1948, p. 18
  28. Books in Brief
    Democracy and People (2 Reviews)
    This Was Normalcy, by Karl Schriftgiesser
    1. This Was Normalcy by Karl Schriftgiesser
    2. Postwar Years: Normalcy, 1918-1923 by Frederic L. Paxson
    The Forum, June 1948, p. 343
  29. Books in Brief
    Sarcasms in Sable (4 Reviews)
    The Union Challenge to Management Control, by Neil W. Chamberlain
    1. The Union Challenge to Management Control by Neil W. Chamberlain
    2. Labor-Management Cooperation and How to Achieve It by Emil John Lever and Francis Goodell
    3. Labor Unions in Action by Jack Barbash
    4. Spotlight on a Union by Donald B. Robinson
    The Forum, March 1948, p. 152
  30. Books in Brief
    The Mountains in Motion (2 Reviews)
    Unknown Germany, by Hanna Hafkesbrink
    1. Unknown Germany by Hanna Hafkesbrink
    2. The Abuse of Learning by Frederic Lilge
    The Forum, May 1948, p. 283
  31. Books in Brief
    Rommel's Last Days (2 Reviews)
    MacArthur's Japan, by Russell Brines
    1. MacArthur's Japan by Russell Brines
    2. Mirror for Americans: Japan by Helen Mears
    The Forum, November 1948, p. 283
  32. Books in Brief
    October Summer (Review)
    An Autobiography, by Mohandas K. Gandhi
    1. An Autobiography by Mohandas K. Gandhi
    The Forum, October 1948, p. 220
  33. Books in Brief
    The Theatre Arts (Review)
    The Road to Survival, by William Vogt
    1. The Road to Survival by William Vogt
    The Forum, September 1948, p. 156
  34. Books in Brief
    Our Policy in Latin America (2 Reviews)
    Paths to the Present, by Arthur M. Schlesinger
    1. Paths to the Present by Arthur M. Schlesinger
    2. Actions and Passions by Max Lerner
    The Forum, April 1949, p. 214
  35. Books in Brief
    The Economic Basis of Southern Politics (V) (Review)
    Stability, by Frederick E. Dessauer
    1. Stability by Frederick E. Dessauer
    The Forum, August 1949, p. 87
  36. Books in Brief
    Country Comment (2 Reviews)
    China: The Land and the People, by Gerald F. Winfield
    1. China: The Land and the People by Gerald F. Winfield
    2. Changing China by Harrison Forman
    The Forum, February 1949, p. 96
  37. Books in Brief
    More Than Fifty Years of Forum (2 Reviews)
    The Commonsense Psychiatry of Dr. Adolf Meyer, by Alfred Lief and Adolf Meyer
    1. The Commonsense Psychiatry of Dr. Adolf Meyer by Alfred Lief and Adolf Meyer
    2. Crime and the Mind by Walter Bromberg
    The Forum, January 1949, p. 28
  38. Books in Brief
    Revolution in Maine (Review)
    Last Call for Common Sense, by James P. Warburg
    1. Last Call for Common Sense by James P. Warburg
    The Forum, July 1949, p. 27
  39. Books in Brief
    Divers (2 Reviews)
    Patterns of Anti-Democratic Thought, by David Spitz
    1. Patterns of Anti-Democratic Thought by David Spitz
    2. Our Vanishing Civil Liberties by O. John Rogge
    The Forum, June 1949, p. 343
  40. Books in Brief
    Medication (Review)
    The Power of Freedom, by Max Ascoli
    1. The Power of Freedom by Max Ascoli
    The Forum, March 1949, p. 157
  41. Books in Brief
    Oh World of Toms (2 Reviews)
    Labor in America: A History, by Foster Rhea Dulles
    1. Labor in America: A History by Foster Rhea Dulles
    2. Labor in Norway by Walter Galenson
    The Forum, May 1949, p. 281
  42. Books in Brief
    Two Philosophic Songs (Review)
    Courts on Trial, by Jerome Frank
    1. Courts on Trial by Jerome Frank
    The Forum, November 1949, p. 281
  43. Books in Brief
    Country Comment (Review)
    Characteristically American, by Ralph Barton Perry
    1. Characteristically American by Ralph Barton Perry
    The Forum, October 1949, p. 215
  44. Books in Brief
    Country Comment (2 Reviews)
    Democracy in Jonesville, by W. Lloyd Warner
    1. Democracy in Jonesville by W. Lloyd Warner
    2. Elmtown's Youth by August B. Hollingshead
    The Forum, September 1949, p. 152
  45. Books in Brief
    Russian People---Not Politics (Review)
    Just Tell the Truth, by John L. Strohm
    1. Just Tell the Truth by John L. Strohm
    The Forum, September 1947, p. 181
  46. Books in Brief
    Some Views on Russia (4 Reviews)
    Through Russia's Back Door, by Richard E. Lauterbach
    1. Through Russia's Back Door by Richard E. Lauterbach
    2. Russia: Menace or Promise by Vera Micheles Dean
    3. European Crossroads by Ilya Ehrenburg
    4. Russia in Perspective by George Soloveytchik
    The Forum, June 1947, pp. 547-548
  47. Books in Brief
    Studying the German People (2 Reviews)
    Report on the Germans, by William L. White
    1. Report on the Germans by William L. White
    2. American Military Government in Germany by Harold Zink
    The Forum, August 1947, p. 116
  48. Books in Brief
    Survey of the South (Review)
    The Shore Dimly Seen, by Ellis Gibbs Arnall
    1. The Shore Dimly Seen by Ellis Gibbs Arnall
    The Forum, January 1947, p. 66
  49. Books in Brief
    Two Views of Big Business (2 Reviews)
    Private Monopoly, by David Lasser
    1. Private Monopoly by David Lasser
    2. Big Business in a Democracy by James Truslow Adams
    The Forum, January 1946, pp. 462-463
  50. Books in Brief
    The World and the Negro (3 Reviews)
    Slave and Citizen, by Frank Tannenbaum
    1. Slave and Citizen by Frank Tannenbaum
    2. Black Anger by Wulf Sachs
    3. The World and Africa by W.E. Burghardt Du Bois
    The Forum, April 1947, pp. 356-357
  51. Books in Brief
    World Trade and Peace (Review)
    The Trade of Nations, by Michael A. Heilperin
    1. The Trade of Nations by Michael A. Heilperin
    The Forum, March 1947, p. 266
  52. No Items Found