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  1. The Apocalypse Boosters
    Raining in Their Hearts
    National Review, December 3, 1990, pp. 32-33
  2. Features
    The Battle for the Brain
    Science is developing ways to boost intelligence, expand memory, and more. But will you...
    Reason, February 2003, pp. 24-31
  3. Billions Served
    Who has Saved more Human Lives than Anyone else in History? Who Won the Nobel Peace Pri...
    Reason, April 2000, pp. 30-37
  4. [+]
    Bio Hazard (Review)
    Next, by Michael Crichton
    1. Next by Michael Crichton
    National Review, March 5, 2007, pp. 49-50
  5. BIO Invaders!
    Are We Under Attack by 'Non-Native' Species? Should We Care?
    Reason, Aug/Sept 2000, pp. 27-29
  6. [+]
    Biology vs. the Blank Slate (Review)
    Evolutionary psychologist Steven Pinker deconstructs the great myths about how the mind...
    1. The Blank Slate by Steven Pinker
    Reason, October 2002, pp. 48-55
  7. [+]
    Bitter Fruit (Review)
    The Poverty of Communism, by Nick Eberstadt
    1. The Poverty of Communism by Nick Eberstadt
    Reason, Aug/Sept 1989, pp. 55-56
  8. Blastocyst Brouhaha
    Which Human Cells Count as People?
    Reason, October 2001, pp. 25-26
  9. [+]
    The Book Case (Review)
    Remedy for Doomsayer Blues
    1. The Third Century by Joel Kotkin and Yoriko Kishimoto
    Reason, March 1989, p. 51
  10. [+]
    Books in Brief (Review)
    Kindly Inquisitors, by Jonathan Rauch
    1. Kindly Inquisitors by Jonathan Rauch
    National Review, July 19, 1993, p. 68
  11. [+]
    Can Biotechnology Survive Us? (3 Reviews)
    Algeny, by Jeremy Rifkin
    1. Algeny by Jeremy Rifkin
    2. The Gene Business by Edward Yoxen
    3. Biofuture by Burke K. Zimmerman
    The Public Interest, Fall 1984, pp. 150-155
  12. Captain Planet for Veep
    National Review, September 14, 1992, pp. 40-41
  13. Citings
    Rush to Judgment
    Reason, April 2000, p. 10
  14. Citings
    Quantum Leaps
    Reason, Aug/Sept 2000, p. 8
  15. Citings
    Why Breed Distrust?
    Reason, April 2001, p. 17
  16. Citings
    What Cancer Epidemic?
    Reason, June 2001, p. 16
  17. Technology
    Code Blues
    Phil Zimmerman gave Electronic Privacy Protection to the Masses, and for that he may go...
    Reason, May 1994, pp. 36-37
  18. [+]
    Contemporary Affairs (Review)
    The Price of a Dream, by David Bornstein
    1. The Price of a Dream by David Bornstein
    The Wilson Quarterly, Summer 1996, p. 101
  19. [+]
    Debunking Green Myths (Review)
    An environmentalist gets it right.
    1. The Skeptical Environmentalist by Bjorn Lomborg
    Reason, February 2002, pp. 58-60
  20. [+]
    Demagoguery in Green (Review)
    Earth in the Balance, by Al Gore
    1. Earth in the Balance by Al Gore
    National Review, March 16, 1992, p. 43
  21. Does Genetic Engineering Endanger Human Freedom?
    Are We Ready for the Full Consequences of Human Cloning and Gene Manipulation?
    The American Enterprise, October 2001, pp. 40-43
  22. Books
    Dreams of Stagnation (2 Reviews)
    False Hopes, by Daniel Callahan
    1. False Hopes by Daniel Callahan
    2. Life Without Disease by William B. Schwartz
    Reason, November 1998, pp. 66-68
  23. Earth Day Then and Now
    The Planet's Future has Never Looked Better. Here's Why.
    Reason, May 2000, pp. 18-29
  24. Earth Report 2000 (1999)
    Revisiting the True State of the Planet
    1 Review, 1 Readable
  25. [+]
    Earth to Easterbrook (Review)
    A Moment on the Earth, by Gregg Easterbrook
    1. A Moment on the Earth by Gregg Easterbrook
    National Review, May 29, 1995, p. 59
  26. Eco-Scam (1993)
    The False Prophets of Ecological Apocalypse
    3 Reviews, 2 Readable
  27. The Eco-tist
    Gore as green
    National Review, August 14, 2000, pp. 25-27
  28. EcoScam (1992)
    The False Prophets of Ecological Apocalypse
    1 Review
  29. [+]
    Embarrassing Questions (Review)
    Science Under Siege, by Michael Fumento
    1. Science Under Siege by Michael Fumento
    Reason, July 1993, pp. 52-53
  30. [+]
    Enough Already (Review)
    A leading environmentalist makes a foolish case against technological innovation
    1. Enough by Bill McKibben
    Reason, October 2003, pp. 53-57
  31. The Environment
    What I did on My Summer Vacation
    Reason, October 1992, pp. 46-49
  32. Fevers, Fires, Floods, Oh My!
    The Weekly Standard, February 5, 1996, p. 12
  33. Forcing Freedom
    Should Libertarianism Stop at the Water's Edge?
    Reason, August 2003, pp. 47-48
  34. Features
    Forever Young
    The new scientific search for immortality
    Reason, August 2002, pp. 26-35
  35. Gelunch
    Or: Why We Should Learn to Stop Worrying and Love Genetically Modified Food
    Reason, January 2001, pp. 20-29
  36. Global Gun Grabbers
    The Weekly Standard, February 23, 1998, pp. 19-20
  37. Global Warming and Other Eco-Myths (2002)
    How the Environmental Movement Uses False Science to Scare Us to Death
    1 Review, 1 Readable
  38. Goddamn The Pusher Man
    Why does Everybody Seem to Hate the Pharmaceutical Industry?
    Reason, April 2001, pp. 44-51
  39. [+]
    Green Beyond His Years (Review)
    Act Now, Apologize Later, by Adam Werbach
    1. Act Now, Apologize Later by Adam Werbach
    Reason, March 1998, pp. 59-60
  40. [+]
    Green with Ideology (Review)
    The hidden agenda behind the "scientific" attacks on Bjorn Lomborg's controversial new ...
    1. The Skeptical Environmentalist by Bjorn Lomborg
    Reason, May 2002, pp. 38-47
  41. [+]
    Hard Times in the Land of Plenty? (Review)
    America's Renewable Resources, by Kenneth D. Frederick and Roger A. Sedjo
    1. America's Renewable Resources by Kenneth D. Frederick and Roger A. Sedjo
    Reason, March 1992, p. 54
  42. Health Care
    Spare Parts
    Reason, Aug/Sept 1990, pp. 41-43
  43. The Hole Story
    The Science Behind the Scare
    Reason, June 1992, pp. 24-31
  44. I.Q. and the Left
    The American Enterprise, September 1998, p. 61
  45. The Law of Increasing Returns
    The National Interest, Spring 2000, pp. 113-121
  46. Letters
    Commentary, March 1986, pp. 4-14
  47. Liberation Biology (2005)
    The Scientific and Moral Case for the Biotech Revolution
    1 Review
  48. Liberation Biology
    Scientist Lee M. Silver on Cloning Wars, Bioethical Battles, and New and Improved Genes.
    Reason, May 1999, pp. 42-49
  49. [+]
    Life Goes On (Review)
    The Diversity of Life, by Edward O. Wilson
    1. The Diversity of Life by Edward O. Wilson
    National Review, February 15, 1993, pp. 51-53
  50. Life Imitates Art
    News Shows Open Gateways to the Internet
    The American Enterprise, March 1999, pp. 63-66
  51. Mandatory Health Insurance Now!
    It will save private medicine---and spur medical innovation
    Reason, November 2004, pp. 38-41
  52. [+]
    Non-Human Rights (Review)
    In Defense of Animals, by Peter Singer
    1. In Defense of Animals by Peter Singer
    Commentary, October 1985, p. 76
  53. Origin of the Specious
    Why do Neoconservatives doubt Darwin?
    Reason, July 1997, pp. 22-29
  54. Our Biotech Future: an exchange
    National Review, March 5, 2001, p. 45
  55. Petri Dish Politics
    Biotechnology will make it Possible for us to Live Longer and Better. So why are Some P...
    Reason, December 1999, pp. 32-41
  56. Pink Mice and Petri Dishes
    Artists comtemplate biotechnology
    Reason, December 2000, pp. 58-59
  57. [+]
    Politics of the Cell (Review)
    Late Night Thoughts on Listening to Mahler's Ninth Symphony, by Lewis Thomas
    1. Late Night Thoughts on Listening to Mahler's Ninth Symphony by Lewis Thomas
    Commentary, September 1984, pp. 72-73
  58. Post-Scarcity Prophet
    Economist Part Romer on Growth Technological Change, and an Unlimited Human Future.
    Reason, December 2001, pp. 52-62
  59. Precautionary Tale
    The Latest Environmentalist Concept--the Precautionary Principle--Seeks to Stop Innovat...
    Reason, April 1999, pp. 36-41
  60. Books
    Preservation Instincts (Review)
    Hard Green, by Peter Huber
    1. Hard Green by Peter Huber
    Reason, February 2000, pp. 61-63
  61. Features
    Pulling Our Own Strings
    Philosopher Daniel Dennett on determinism, human "choice machines," and how evolution g...
    Reason, May 2003, pp. 24-31
  62. The Pursuit of Happiness
    Controversial Philosopher Peter Singer Argues for Animal Rights, Utilitarian Ethics, an...
    Reason, December 2000, pp. 28-36
  63. Rage Against the Machines
    Witnessing the Birth of the Neo-Luddite Movement
    Reason, July 2001, pp. 26-35
  64. [+]
    Really Long-Term Health Care (3 Reviews)
    From Alchemy to IPO, by Cynthia Robbins-Roth
    1. From Alchemy to IPO by Cynthia Robbins-Roth
    2. The Foundation of Bioethics by H. Tristram Engelhardt
    3. Immortality by Ben Bova
    Reason, December 2000, p. 50
  65. Reef Madness
    How Alabama Fishermen are Repopulating the Sea.
    Reason, October 2001, pp. 42-45
  66. [+]
    Science & Technology (Review)
    The Number Sense, by Stanislas Dehaene
    1. The Number Sense by Stanislas Dehaene
    The Wilson Quarterly, Spring 1998, p. 111
  67. Books
    Send in the Clones (2 Reviews)
    Remaking Eden, by Lee Silver
    1. Remaking Eden by Lee Silver
    2. Clone by Gina Kolata
    Reason, June 1998, pp. 63-66
  68. [+]
    Small Is Beautiful (Review)
    Microcosm, by George Gilder
    1. Microcosm by George Gilder
    National Review, October 27, 1989, pp. 50-51
  69. The Smaller the Better
    The limitless promise of nanotechnology---and the growing peril of a moratorium
    Reason, December 2003, pp. 44-55
  70. [+]
    Straight Dope (Review)
    Sociobiology: The New Synthesis, by Edward O. Wilson
    1. Sociobiology: The New Synthesis by Edward O. Wilson
    Reason, December 1999, p. 22
  71. [+]
    Strands of LIfe (Review)
    Genome, by Matt Ridley
    1. Genome by Matt Ridley
    Reason, Aug/Sept 2000, pp. 58-60
  72. [+]
    Transcendental Goods (Review)
    Charles Murray discusses art, accomplishment, faith, and doubt
    1. Human Accomplishment by Charles Murray
    Reason, April 2004, pp. 64-65
  73. The True State of the Planet (1995)
    3 Reviews, 1 Readable
  74. The Twin Paradox
    What Exactly is Wrong With Cloning People?
    Reason, May 1997, pp. 52-54
  75. Unlocking the Cells
    DNA Technology Frees the Innocent as Well as Convicting the Guilty.
    Reason, January 2000, pp. 50-51
  76. Warning: Bioethics May be Hazardous to Your Health
    The Moralists' Attack on Medical Progress and Patient Freedom
    Reason, Aug/Sept 1999, pp. 24-31
  77. Washington
    Political Science
    Reason, December 1993, pp. 61-63
  78. [+]
    When Property Is Theft (2 Reviews)
    The Population Bomb, by Paul R. Ehrlich
    1. The Population Bomb by Paul R. Ehrlich
    2. The Coming Boom by Herman Kahn
    Reason, December 1998, p. 47
  79. White House Hot Air
    The Weekly Standard, November 3, 1997, p. 14
  80. Who Is Maurice Strong?
    National Review, September 1, 1997, pp. 32-37
  81. [+]
    Why the Russkies Need Bucks (Review)
    The Coming Soviet Crash, by Judy Shelton
    1. The Coming Soviet Crash by Judy Shelton
    Reason, June 1989, p. 56
  82. Columns
    Wilting Greens
    The World Summit on Sustainable Development disappointed environmentalists---and hearte...
    Reason, December 2002, pp. 18-19
  83. No Items Found