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  1. The Apprenticeship of Alexander Haig
    Tinker, tailor soldier, bureaucrat.
    The Washington Monthly, March 1981, pp. 14-22
  2. [+]
    Political Booknotes (Review)
    Almost Golden, by Gwenda Blair
    1. Almost Golden by Gwenda Blair
    The Washington Monthly, July 1988, p. 58
  3. Political Booknotes
    Beam Me Up, Scotty (Review)
    Scotty, by John F. Stacks
    1. Scotty by John F. Stacks
    The Washington Monthly, December 2002, p. 53
  4. Ronnie's World
    The Budget "Revolution": Less and More of the Same Old Thing
    Reagan's changing the numbers, but doing nothing to change the fundamental flaws in fed...
    The Washington Monthly, July 1981, pp. 28-36
  5. Special Political Book Section
    The Case for Brotherhood
    Taking a hard line on crime doesn't mean taking delight in punishment.
    The Washington Monthly, March 1985, pp. 39-41
  6. The Case for Selling Justice
    Let's make it official.
    The Washington Monthly, December 1981, pp. 24-28
  7. Political Booknotes
    Chicago's Cubs (Review)
    Home and Away, by Scott Simon
    1. Home and Away by Scott Simon
    The Washington Monthly, May 2000, p. 45
  8. On Political Books
    Cliffhanging (Review)
    How the consummate counsel came to need a lawyer.
    1. Counsel to the President by Clark Clifford and Richard Holbrooke
    The Washington Monthly, June 1991, pp. 48-50
  9. [+]
    Clinton Cliffs (Review)
    The Best of Times, by Haynes Johnson
    1. The Best of Times by Haynes Johnson
    The Washington Monthly, October 2001, pp. 60-62
  10. Curb Violence by Targeting Bullets
    "There are already 200 million guns out there that are unaffected by gun control legisl...
    The Washington Monthly, January 1994, pp. 45-47
  11. The Defining Moment (2006)
    FDR's Hundred Days and the Triumph of Hope
    3 Reviews, 1 Readable
  12. Defrocking the Fed
    A look behind the curtain shows how the Federal Reserve is destroying the economy in or...
    The Washington Monthly, June 1982, pp. 12-21
  13. On Political Books
    Family Feud (Review)
    The fight between blacks and Jews and how it affects us all.
    1. Broken Alliance by Jonathan Kaufman
    The Washington Monthly, November 1988, pp. 51-54
  14. Featherbedding In the Tower
    How the controllers let the cat out of the bag.
    The Washington Monthly, October 1981, pp. 22-27
  15. The Fireside Chat That Roosevelt Threw Away
    In a time of national crisis, FDR's advisors urged him to assume dictatorial powers. He...
    The Washington Monthly, June 2006, pp. 26-30
  16. [+]
    Forgettable (Review)
    Dutch: A Memoir of Ronald Reagan, by Edmund Morris
    1. Dutch: A Memoir of Ronald Reagan by Edmund Morris
    The Washington Monthly, December 1999, p. 52
  17. Political Booknotes
    The Great Divide (Review)
    The Other Side of the River, by Alex Kotlowitz
    1. The Other Side of the River by Alex Kotlowitz
    The Washington Monthly, April 1998, p. 43
  18. Harvard vs. Democracy
    Would Jack and Bobby have felt at home at the Kennedy School?
    The Washington Monthly, March 1983, pp. 32-38
  19. How the World Sees Us, and How We See Ourselves
    The Washington Monthly, August 2008, p. 12
    Christine Todd Whitman
    The Washington Monthly, June 2000, p. 9
  21. [+]
    Political Booknotes (Review)
    The Twilight of Common Dreams, by Todd Gitlin
    1. The Twilight of Common Dreams by Todd Gitlin
    The Washington Monthly, January 1996, p. 55
  22. I've Tilted at Windmills
    And the windmills won.
    The Washington Monthly, March 1989, p. 44
  23. Just the Facts: Special 39th Anniversary Section
    The Washington Monthly, January 1999, pp. 22-23
  24. Labor Day (2009 Film)
  25. [+]
    Political Booknotes (Review)
    White House Daze, by Charles Kolb
    1. White House Daze by Charles Kolb
    The Washington Monthly, December 1993, pp. 57-59
  26. Life Inside the PRC
    The New Republic, November 8, 1980, pp. 16-17
  27. [+]
    Political Booknotes (Review)
    Impact, by Martin Linsky
    1. Impact by Martin Linsky
    The Washington Monthly, April 1987, p. 56
  28. On Political Books
    Manhattan on the Rocks (Review)
    Moderate black leaders could save New York from the Sharptons and the Brawleys.
    1. The Closest of Strangers by Jim Sleeper
    The Washington Monthly, November 1990, pp. 47-49
  29. Misfire: How Pentagon Critics Shot Down Their Own Ace
    Her name is Dina Rasor. She lost her job by doing it too well.
    The Washington Monthly, May 1982, pp. 41-44
  30. Political Booknotes
    A Modern Machiavelli (Review)
    The New Prince, by Dick Morris
    1. The New Prince by Dick Morris
    The Washington Monthly, July 1999, p. 52
  31. The Myth of Scoop Jackson
    The New Republic, May 12, 1986, pp. 15-17
  32. The New Media Order
    How Phil Donahue came to manage the '92 campaign.
    The Washington Monthly, June 1992, pp. 11-15
  33. The Non-Event of the Year
    The true story behind the Weekly After-Dinner Monopoly Game Encouragement Act of 1980.
    The Washington Monthly, June 1980, pp. 22-24
  34. [+]
    On Political Books (Review)
    Ronnie and Lou.
    1. Reagan by Lou Cannon
    The Washington Monthly, October 1982, p. 55
  35. [+]
    On Political Books (Review)
    Ed Koch understands the bureaucracy, but he doesn't have a clue about human beings.
    1. Mayor: An Autobiography by Edward I. Koch and William Rauch
    The Washington Monthly, July 1984, pp. 51-52
  36. On the Hill: Borin' Orrin
    The New Republic, June 28, 1980, pp. 9-11
  37. On the Hill: It's Your Funeral
    The New Republic, March 8, 1980, p. 6
  38. [+]
    Political Booknotes (Review)
    Politicians, Socialism, and Historians, by A.J.P. Taylor
    1. Politicians, Socialism, and Historians by A.J.P. Taylor
    The Washington Monthly, April 1981, p. 60
  39. [+]
    Political Booknotes (Review)
    Managing the Public's Business, by Laurence E. Lynn
    1. Managing the Public's Business by Laurence E. Lynn
    The Washington Monthly, July 1981, p. 58
  40. [+]
    Political Booknotes (Review)
    Solvency: The Price of Survival, by James Chace
    1. Solvency: The Price of Survival by James Chace
    The Washington Monthly, May 1981, p. 61
  41. [+]
    Political Booknotes (Review)
    Blue Smoke and Mirrors, by Jack W. Germond and Jules Witcover
    1. Blue Smoke and Mirrors by Jack W. Germond and Jules Witcover
    The Washington Monthly, September 1981, p. 58
  42. [+]
    Political Booknotes (Review)
    Witness to Power, by John D. Ehrlichman
    1. Witness to Power by John D. Ehrlichman
    The Washington Monthly, February 1982, pp. 60-62
  43. [+]
    Political Booknotes (Review)
    Public Duties, by Joel L. Fleishman, Lance M. Liebman, and Mark H. Moore, ...
    1. Public Duties by Joel L. Fleishman, Lance M. Liebman, and Mark H. Moore, ...
    The Washington Monthly, January 1982, pp. 60-62
  44. [+]
    Political Booknotes (Review)
    Post-Conservative America, by Kevin P. Phillips
    1. Post-Conservative America by Kevin P. Phillips
    The Washington Monthly, July 1982, p. 59
  45. [+]
    Political Booknotes (Review)
    The Imperial Rockefeller, by Joseph E. Persico
    1. The Imperial Rockefeller by Joseph E. Persico
    The Washington Monthly, May 1982, p. 58
  46. [+]
    Political Booknotes (Review)
    Why We Were in Vietnam, by Norman Podhoretz
    1. Why We Were in Vietnam by Norman Podhoretz
    The Washington Monthly, May 1982, pp. 60-62
  47. [+]
    Political Booknotes (Review)
    Revolt Against Regulation, by Michael Pertschuk
    1. Revolt Against Regulation by Michael Pertschuk
    The Washington Monthly, November 1982, p. 60
  48. [+]
    Political Booknotes (Review)
    Sez Who? Sez Me, by Mike Royko
    1. Sez Who? Sez Me by Mike Royko
    The Washington Monthly, November 1982, p. 60
  49. [+]
    Political Booknotes (Review)
    The Price of Power, by Seymour M. Hersh
    1. The Price of Power by Seymour M. Hersh
    The Washington Monthly, July 1983, p. 59
  50. [+]
    Political Booknotes (Review)
    Deadly Deceits: My 25 Years in the CIA, by Ralph McGehee
    1. Deadly Deceits: My 25 Years in the CIA by Ralph McGehee
    The Washington Monthly, March 1983, p. 58
  51. [+]
    Political Booknotes (Review)
    Deep Blue Funk and Other Stories, by Daniel B. Frank
    1. Deep Blue Funk and Other Stories by Daniel B. Frank
    The Washington Monthly, November 1983, p. 59
  52. [+]
    Political Booknotes (Review)
    Deadly Gambits, by Strobe Talbott
    1. Deadly Gambits by Strobe Talbott
    The Washington Monthly, December 1984, p. 56
  53. [+]
    Political Booknotes (Review)
    Good Times, Bad Times, by Harold Evans
    1. Good Times, Bad Times by Harold Evans
    The Washington Monthly, February 1984, p. 59
  54. Postcard Managua
    Sharks in the Lobby
    The New Republic, September 15, 1986, pp. 11-15
  55. The Powers That Stay
    Survival in Washington means kissing rings and building empires.
    The Washington Monthly, March 1982, pp. 10-18
  56. On the Brink
    Precarious Prosperity: The Siren Song of the Service Sector
    Too many conventioneers and systems analysts may do us in.
    The Washington Monthly, December 1982, pp. 34-36
  57. The Promise (2010)
    President Obama, Year One
    1 Review
  58. [+]
    Psychoanalyzing the News (Review)
    And the Rorschach says...
    1. The Media Elite by S. Robert Lichter, Stanley Rothman, and Linda S. Lichter, ...
    The Washington Monthly, October 1986, p. 56
  59. Reagan's Dr. Strangelove
    How the White House Soviet advisor learned to stop worrying and love the Clausewitzian ...
    The Washington Monthly, June 1981, pp. 10-15
  60. Reagan's Regulatory Report Card
    The sensible, the silly, the good, the bad,and the dangerous.
    The Washington Monthly, November 1982, pp. 10-17
  61. [+]
    Political Booknotes (Review)
    The Untapped Power of the Press, by Lewis W. Wolfson
    1. The Untapped Power of the Press by Lewis W. Wolfson
    The Washington Monthly, January 1986, pp. 58-59
  62. [+]
    Political Booknotes (Review)
    The Shattered Bloc, by Elie Abel
    1. The Shattered Bloc by Elie Abel
    The Washington Monthly, May 1990, pp. 60-62
  63. Rooting for Reagan
    When candidates win, so do reporters.
    The Washington Monthly, January 1981, pp. 12-17
  64. Sam Nunn: Can He Escape The Respectability Trap?
    The strengths and weaknesses of the U.S. senator destined to dominate the defense debat...
    The Washington Monthly, September 1982, pp. 28-34
  65. Saving New York's Subways
    Kiley to unions: Merit doesn't mean answering silly test questions. It means making the...
    The Washington Monthly, June 1985, pp. 25-26
  66. [+]
    South Vietnam: The Puppet as Puppeteer (Review)
    After Diem, our client state was calling the shots.
    1. Vietnam: A History by Stanley Karnow
    The Washington Monthly, December 1983, pp. 42-44
  67. Ten Heresies that Could Save the Economy
    Spend, Don't Save. Bust the Budget. And that's just for starters.
    The Washington Monthly, July 1982, pp. 38-43
  68. Two Cheers for Tom Wolfe
    He vanquishes the vanities of the rich, but lacks the courage to say what he admires.
    The Washington Monthly, March 1988, pp. 42-45
  69. On Political Books
    Usually First, Not Always Classy (Review)
    The best of Clinton, the worst of Clinton: A new biography carefully traces both back t...
    1. First In His Class by David Maraniss
    The Washington Monthly, March 1995, pp. 41-43
  70. [+]
    The (Very First) Rough Draft (Review)
    Down and Dirty, by Jake Tapper
    1. Down and Dirty by Jake Tapper
    The Washington Monthly, May 2001, p. 51
  71. With Friends Like These...
    O'Neill, Manatt, and what's wrong with the Democrats.
    The Washington Monthly, January 1983, pp. 12-22
  72. Special Section: Defending America
    35 Ways to Cut the Defense Budget
    A strong military doesn't have to bankrupt us.
    The Washington Monthly, April 1982, pp. 12-14
  73. 35 Ways to Cut the Defense Budget
    The Washington Monthly, February 1989, pp. 50-51
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