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Conspiracy Theories

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The mainstream media’s narrative that the Russian government interfered with the United States election, and that this interference invalidated, or at least tainted, Trump’s election has culminated in President Obama taking a series of measures against Russia, which consist of: imposing sanctions on the GRU and the FSB (the two major Russian intelligence organizations), four... Read More
The prevalent view of World War II is that of the “good war”—a Manichaean conflict between good and evil. And a fundamental part of the “good war” thesis has to do with the entrance of the United States into the war as a result of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. According to this view,... Read More
The Recent Confirmation of Soviet Espionage in America
In an apparent effort to illustrate political simple-mindedness, Carroll Quigley derisively wrote in his noted (at least by the John Birch Society) Tragedy and Hope, that the “same groups who were howling about Soviet espionage in 1948-1955 were also claiming that President Roosevelt expected and wanted Pearl Harbor.”[1] In a previous contribution to The Occidental... Read More
The failure to uncover Saddam's alleged arsenal of WMDs (weapons of mass destruction) during the three months since the fall of his regime has fueled a great outcry from critics of the war and evoked various defenses from war apologists. Thus a review of the whole Iraq WMD issue is appropriate. Since efforts have been... Read More
(Rules may not apply to your local empire)
The Establishment has always made much of the 1945-46 Nuremberg trial of the Nazi leadership as a model for bringing international criminals to justice. Ironically, the fundamental criminality of the Nazis, as presented at Nuremberg, can also be detected in the recent actions of the United States in her world-imperial role, which is so much... Read More
Investigating 9/11 in light of 12/7
With the continuing revelations that security agencies of the U.S. government possessed considerable information pointing to the terrorist attacks of September 11, numerous voices have arisen calling for a special, independent commission to investigate the extent of Washington's foreknowledge. Leading officials (actual and nominal) of the Bush administration oppose the idea, supporting instead the ongoing... Read More
Largely as a result of the joint House and Senate intelligence committee's investigation of the September 11 attacks, the mainstream media have highlighted a veritable cascade of evidence that demonstrates the government's prior knowledge of the impending al Qaeda terrorism. The question being bandied about by those of a skeptical mindset is: "What did the... Read More
Although I brought this point out in my original four-part essay, I think it needs to be reiterated, because it is crucial for analyzing the whole September 11 issue and is therefore studiously ignored by the articulators of the official version. I am referring to the close relationship between the actual results of an action... Read More
The official story of 9/11 is changing as a spate of information pours out showing that the government had advance warnings of a terrorist attack. It turns out that the attack was not a bolt from the blue, as we had previously been told and as we are usually told with regard to such events.... Read More
More evidence has emerged to bolster my theory that the "war on terrorism" was planned prior to September 11 and that the horrific event only provided the rationale for its implementation. In a piece published December 19, 2001, Israeli writer Tanya Reinhart deploys extensive citations from her country's press to show that the Israeli government... Read More
The smother-out Reinforcing the proposition that actual journalism survives only on the Net and in the foreign press, the recent leaking in those venues of a classified DEA report on the activities of "Israeli art students" has caused the dam to burst regarding Israel's spying operation in the United States.[1] Although the established media in... Read More
A revisionist account
I offer here what might be called a moderate revisionist account of the September 11 terror and the origin of the U.S. "war on terrorism." The official story permeating the major media runs something like this: the U.S. war on Afghanistan was simply an ad hoc response to the horrific events of September 11, which... Read More