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"No issue, not one, threatens to do more damage to the Republican coalition than immigration," gasps neoconservativeDavid Frum in National Review's Dec. 31 cover story. [Full article here]. Mr. Frum, the original "patriotic conservative" who tried to smearthe entire anti-war right as "unpatriotic" back in 2003, has now defected from the ranks of the Open... Read More
Despite what the Republican leadership would like us to think, all is not harmony and light between the Republicans in Congress and the Republican in the White House. Emerging unpleasantness on the issues of Social Security and looming Supreme Court appointments are part of the problem, but a split on immigration reform looms larger still.... Read More
It's beginning to dawn, even on American politicians, that you cannot have something like 34 million immigrants in the country and not expect immigration to become a major political issue. The latest politician in whose brain this insight has blossomed is the junior senator from New York and very possibly the next president of the... Read More
On a recent Thanksgiving trip to Washington, relatives of mine had their car stopped near the Capitol and subjected to a "bomb search"by—somebody or another, the local cops, the federal cops, theHomeland Security cops, the UN cops, who knows and who can tell anymore? There was no bomb of course (not even my relatives carry... Read More
Just exactly how many murders will it take to convince the Open Borders lobby, whose leader now seems to be President Bush, that mass Third World immigration is not such a good idea? Up in Wisconsin, a gentleman named Chai Soua Vang, a 36-year-old Hmong immigrant, just blew away six people, apparently because they threw... Read More
Well, I guess you can't expect a guy to know what's going on inside this country just because he's the President of the United States. This week President Bush took a trip to Chile, where he more or lessofficially raised from the dead his defunct amnesty plan of last January. I guess he missed what's... Read More
The Bush administration has read the political tea leaves that this year's election left at the bottom of the electoral cup and concluded that amnesty for illegal aliens is the message they send. Since that was the message the administration wanted to see, it's not surprising that's the message it gets. But its tea-leaf readers... Read More
Barely a week has passed since 84 percent of the nation's self-described conservatives cast their ballots for George W. Bush, and already the president and his administration have delivered at least two good, strong, swift kicks in the teeth to the voters who elected him. Speaking in Mexico this week Secretary of State Colin Powell... Read More
After 30-something years of mass immigration, legal and illegal, the immigration issue finally tiptoed into the national political discussion in the third and final presidential debate this month, with moderator Bob Schieffer acknowledging that he had received more e-mail about that issue than any other. Neither candidate, of course, had anything serious, intelligent or even... Read More
While George Bush and John Kerry, Dick Cheney and John Edwards, debate democracy in Iraq and Afghanistan, democracy may be taking a bit of a small lurch forward inside the United States—much to the dissatisfaction of the above-named global democrats. In Arizona, citizens fed up with massive illegal immigration and the indifference of their own... Read More
As President Bush's lead in the polls started to wobble after his first debate with John Kerry last week, White House haggling over certain legislative proposals in Congress could deal the finishing blow to Mr. Bush's hopes to remain president. The legislation, known as "H.R. 10," concerns both immigration and national security. H.R. 10 is... Read More
Race, it has now pretty much been proved, is not "just a social construct" but a fact of nature, but it does have social and cultural meaning. Most of the talk about what race means centers on non-whites, but last week Gregory Rodriguez, a contributing editor at theLos Angeles Times, took a look at what... Read More
Only one week before a Time magazine cover story breathlessly informed the nation what the nation has long known—that America's borders are grotesquely out of control and getting worse—the Bush administration's border security chief told the nation to forget about the borders, there's nothing we can do. But what Homeland Security Undersecretary Asa Hutchinson told... Read More
Last summer, William Donald Schaefer, former Governor and present Comptroller of the state of Maryland, made the news when he groused about a worker at McDonald's who couldn't take his order because he couldn't speak English. "I don't want to adjust to another language," Mr. Schaefer grumped in public comments. "This is the United States.... Read More
President Bush's first act to kick off 2004 back in January was to unveilan immigration reform plan that was nothing more than a massive amnesty for illegal aliens. Mr. Bush's purpose was to impress the nation's growing Hispanic vote with how simpatico he is and to give them a good reason to vote for him.... Read More
The most recent contribution of the Open Borders Lobby to the decomposition of American civilization is the immigrant gang, which has now spread itself from the inner precincts of San Diego to such places as the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. In the summer issue of the City Journal, published by the libertarian think tank the... Read More
"How can Americans love their nation if they hate its government?" asked neoconservative Bill Kristol some years ago. Very easily, is the proper answer, not only from American conservatives (real ones, not the pseudo-cons Mr. Kristol commands) but even their French allies. In a recent article in Le Figaro, a leading French magazine, novelist Jean... Read More
Harvard scholar Samuel P. Huntington's Who Are We?, undoubtedly the most important criticism of mass immigration by a major academic figure in the last 50 years, has now been published, and if theonslaught against it has not been quite the gang rape some predicted, the establishment embrace of the book has not exactly been a... Read More
No sooner had the ballots begun to settle in the Republican primary race in Utah's Third District last week than the Open Borders battalions began flapping and crowing about their smashing victory over the forces of nativism and bigotry. The facts, when disentangled from Open Borders fabrications and fantasies, are quite different. In the fabrications... Read More
While the Bush administration thinks amnesty is the way to deal with illegal immigration, the people who have to live with it are trying to control it themselves. The San Francisco Chronicle ran a recent sizeable story about the rise of citizens' patrols that police the borders in Arizona—where thousands of illegals come across every... Read More
In so far as Big Business has a bible, Forbes magazine is one of itsgospels, so it's a bit odd that in its June 7 issue Forbes offered a detailed and graphic account of how the big business of trafficking in illegal immigrants operates. Then again, for the hot gospellers of capitalism, it's just business—even... Read More
In the unlikely event you might have considered taking seriously last week's warnings by the Attorney General and the Director of the FBIthat Al Qaeda is planning another terrorist attack on the United States, Homeland Security czar Tom Ridge was able to put you at your ease. Don't let a little terrorism spoil the Memorial... Read More
Six months before the election, and some 20 percent of Republican voters say they are not necessarily committed to voting for George W. Bush. Welcome to the club, but meanwhile, Republicans are doing everything they can think of to insure their maximum leader goes the way of his dad and Bob Dole, among other recent... Read More
For most of this month, while the rest of the country worried about what was happening in Iraq, the state of Maryland had other concerns—namely, whether its governor, Robert L. Ehrlich, is too insensitive to the Tower of Babel into which mass immigration has helped convert his state and the nation. Mr. Ehrlich, a Republican... Read More
Big Business and its bottomless appetite for cheap labor are by no means the only pillars of the Open Borders Lobby that has helped flood the country with Third World immigrants. There are also the churches, themselves ever hungry for new members as their own religious liberalism drives away their old members. This week the... Read More
The hunt is on for Samuel P. Huntington, the distinguished Harvard political scientist whose new book Who Are We? lifts a skeptical eyebrow at mass immigration and the cultural devastation it inflicts. Mr. Huntington, author of the acclaimed Clash of Civilizations a few years back, has already raised ripples in the placid ponds of elite... Read More
If Islamic terrorism has contributed anything at all to Western civilization, it may actually have helped preserve it. Nothing has made Europeans wake up to what they have allowed mass immigration to do to them than the jihad many Muslims are licking their whiskers to wage against the new countries to which they have invited... Read More
If you ever get into an argument about immigration, sooner or later (probably sooner) somebody will majestically inform you, "But immigrants take jobs that Americans won't do. Without immigrants, lettuce would cost 10 dollars a head." Sometimes the lettuce will cost 20 dollars a head, but the point—and absence of facts—is still the same: Immigration... Read More
After decades of hiring illegal aliens and lobbying against any and all restrictions on immigration, Big Business is about to find out the real costs of the Open Borders it has subsidized. In California, the Washington Times reported last week, thousands of Mexicans who have worked for some of the state's and the nation's largest... Read More
Harvard scholar Samuel P. Huntington has not even published his newbook on the cultural threat of mass Third World immigration, but already the Open Borders onslaught on book and author has begun. In fact, the attack began last month with both Hispanic and neo-conservative supporters of the Third Worldization of America chiming in. Not since... Read More
If even Harvard professors can figure out what mass immigration is doing to America, can Big Business be far behind? The Washington Postthis week ran an insipid satire ["Hey Professor, Assimilate This!"Letters responding] on Harvard scholar Samuel Huntington's forthcoming book on the cultural dangers of mass immigration, but ironically Business Week treats it a bit... Read More
Despite unveiling a plan for the mass amnesty of illegal aliens in January, President Bush is still not satisfied that America is the"welcoming society" he likes to claim it is. Nor is his counterpart, President Vicente Fox of Mexico, with whom Mr. Bush palavered last weekend at what used to be American soil in Texas.... Read More
With mass immigration shredding what Harvard scholar Samuel Huntington calls the "Anglo Protestant core" of American civilization, the Open Borders lobby remains delighted with the benefits the shredding brings. Last week, just as news of Professor Huntington's magisterial article was about to break, historian Stanley Karnow warbled excitedly about the shredding in the Los Angeles... Read More
It was probably inevitable that sooner or later the truth about mass immigration and its impact on American culture would seep down toHarvard University. This week it happened, and a tip of the hat is in order to Harvard's distinguished scholar Samuel P. Huntington for arriving at much the same conclusion that I and many... Read More
With a majority of Republicans opposing President Bush's amnesty plan for illegal immigrants and even Republican lawmakers in revolt over it, the Open Borders Lobby has closed ranks and rallied behind it. Last week the Wall Street Journal editorial page, long the Pravda of Open Borders propaganda, published what purports to be a"Conservative Statement of... Read More
OK, so you don't much like President Bush's immigration plan that would grant amnesty to 8 to 12 million illegal aliens. You are not alone. Hardly anyone likes the plan, from conservative supporters of the president, to the Hispanic bloc to which he's pandering, to the Democrats who want his job. But there's nothing you... Read More
H.G. Wells once wrote a science fiction story entitled "When the Sleeper Wakes" about a man who goes to sleep and wakes up in the distant future. After 30 years of denying, ignoring and outright lying about the impact of mass immigration on this country, some long-term sleepers in today's chattering class also seem to... Read More
You can talk about the supposed benefits of President Bush's ill-advised plan for amnesty for millions of illegal aliens all you want but the fact is that the political motivations of the president and his advisers in designing it and unleashing it at this particular time are transparent. The main designer was political adviser Karl... Read More
What is that John Podhoretz, Jonah Goldberg, David Horowitz, Tamar Jacoby, Suzanne Fields and David Brooks have in common? They are all neoconservatives, and all—unlike most conservatives of other identities and backgrounds—support President Bush's amnesty plan for illegal immigrants. What does that tell us? What it tells I will consider momentarily, but first, let us... Read More
Nothing President Bush has done in his entire administration has more deeply alienated the conservatives who have supported him since his days as governor of Texas than the amnesty plan for illegal aliens he released last week—not the Iraq war, not his internal security policies, not even his Medicare reforms. The Washington Times, Human Events,... Read More
As a belated Christmas gift to the country, President Bush this week unveiled what amounts to an amnesty program for illegal aliens—an amnesty I have been predicting his administration would endorse as soon as the smoke from the 9/11 attacks of 2001 cleared a bit.Amnesty was already on the table when the attacks occurred and... Read More
Something funny is going on inside the Bush administration on the issue of mass immigration and what to do about it. A couple of weeks ago, Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridgemuttered some cryptic, unrehearsed and rather ambiguous noises that sounded like an endorsement of amnesty for illegals. His spokesmen immediately denied that amnesty was what... Read More
After two years of trying to deny that amnesty for illegal aliens is on the agenda of the Bush administration, one of the president's top advisers endorsed amnesty last week. Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge in a speech in Miami pronounced that it was clear that "legalizing" illegal aliens is what we need to do.... Read More
Ever since his victory in California election in October, Arnold Schwarzenegger has been the poster boy for the pushers of fake immigration control, mainly because his call for repeal of a new law giving illegal aliens access to driver's licenses was hugely popular with voters. Now, with the new governor wobbling on his campaign position,... Read More
Among the many benefits of the mass immigration the Open Borders Lobby has invited into the country are the diseases that wouldprobably all but have vanished from American and Western society but for the presence of Third World immigrants. Tuberculosis, rubella (German measles) and hepatitis are among themost serious, but last week the New York... Read More
While President Bush was explaining why Americans must exportdemocracy to the rest of the planet last week, Mexico's President Vicente Fox was practicing his own version of democracy inside the United States. Virtually unreported in the national media, Mr. Fox's brazen lobbying of American elected leaders to advance his own agenda for amnesty of illegal... Read More
Back when conservatives started talking about the "culture war,"they generally meant the clash over issues like sex, abortion,homosexuality, feminism and religion. Now, having lost (or surrendered on) most of those issues, conservatives don't talk much about the "culture war" at all. That does not mean, of course, that the war is over. It's just that... Read More
Mexican President Vicente Fox's little visit with President Bush at the Asian summit meeting in Bangkok this week got a bit upstaged by Mr. Fox's Malaysian counterpart and his comments about Jews ruling the world, but what happened between the Mexican and American presidents at the summit may have been a good deal more important... Read More
The ink was not even dry on the California ballots before the Open Borders neoconservatives at National Review Online started pontificating about how Arnold Schwarzenegger's victory in California tells us what to say and think about immigration. "There are important lessons to be learned from this election about the right way and the wrong way... Read More
Hooray, Hooray! Federal judges, in their wisdom, mercy and benevolence, have now ruled that the people of California may indeedhold the election and recall that they decided to hold several months ago. It's just like democracy, isn't it, where the people themselves rather than unelected magistrates get to determine such matters? Nevertheless, after the staged... Read More
Sam Francis
About Sam Francis

Dr. Samuel T. Francis (1947-2005) was a leading paleoconservative columnist and intellectual theorist, serving as an adviser to the presidential campaigns of Patrick Buchanan and as an editorial writer, columnist, and editor at The Washington Times. He received the Distinguished Writing Award for Editorial Writing of the American Society of Newspaper Editors (ASNE) in both 1989 and 1990, while being a finalist for the National Journalism Award (Walker Stone Prize) for Editorial Writing of the Scripps Howard Foundation those same years. His undergraduate education was at Johns Hopkins and he later earned his Ph.D. in modern history at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

His books include The Soviet Strategy of Terror(1981, rev.1985), Power and History: The Political Thought of James Burnham (1984); Beautiful Losers: Essays on the Failure of American Conservatism (1993); Revolution from the Middle: Essays and Articles from Chronicles, 1989–1996 (1997); and Thinkers of Our Time: James Burnham (1999). His published articles or reviews appeared in The New York Times, USA Today, National Review, The Spectator (London), The New American, The Occidental Quarterly, and Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture, of which he was political editor and for which he wrote a monthly column, “Principalities and Powers.”