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Foreign Policy

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I remember when others tooted my horn. The French government of President Francois Mitterrand bestowed upon me the French Legion of Honor for the restoration of economic science. President Reagan sent his Budget Director, Jim Miller, to the award ceremony with a letter from Reagan giving me credit for Reagan’s successful economic policy that cured... Read More
As I have emphasized for a number of years, the Kremlin’s passivity in the face of provocations encourages more and worse provocations. I have expressed concern that the provocations will cross a red line, and the Kremlin will cease being a passive receiver of provocations. When that time comes, the West might not be prepared... Read More
Ukraine as a country might not have a future. Ukraine is a new country only three decades old. Historically, Ukraine has been a part of Poland or of Russia. It might be on the verge of being divided between them. Most of the Donbass and much of the Black Sea coast has been liberated by... Read More
A wider war is Washington’s goal
As I have many times written, the Kremlin’s Ukraine operation cannot be limited. Washington will not permit it to be limited. Washington has already widened the conflict, and is now widening the conflict further. The insane Jewish neoconservatives who have control over US foreign policy have prevailed on tiny, helpless Lithuania to violate the agreement... Read More
As Putin says, the British government is nothing but an American lackey
The British are now ruled by their former colonial lackeys. An Indian who is the British Home Secretary has ruled, as he was ordered to do, the extradition of a foreign national who is not a citizen of the country extraditing him or a citizen of the country requesting his extradition. India, long an English... Read More
The last independent government Germany had was Hitler’s. Every succeeding German government has been a Washington puppet. As Mike Whitney writes, “Berlin will always march in lockstep with Washington rather than fulfill its business agreements or act in the interests of its own people.” Germany is paying a high price and soon American owners of... Read More
This is my response to an interview this morning with Peace Dividend — The American war machine consists of the economic and power interests of the US military/security complex and the hegemonic ideology of the neoconservatives. The former requires an enemy in order to justify the unaccountable power of the security agencies and the $1,000... Read More
The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe published on April 15, 2016, more than six years ago, a report on the torture of Donbass Russians by the Ukrainian military and police forces. The report documents horrendous torture and it was done out of racial hatred of Russians. You can read the report here: Few... Read More
I suspect the Kremlin has concluded that the limited intervention in Ukraine was a mistake. I don’t mean that the Kremlin will fail in its effort to drive all Ukrainian military units out of Donbass. The mistake the Kremlin made was in thinking that the military intervention could be limited. The US and NATO are... Read More
Reading Ngaio Marsh’s Scales of Justice I realized that the word, “impertinence” has gone out of use. Indeed, what was once an outrage is now so common that no one recognizes it as impertinence. Impertinence has become accepted routine behavior and is no longer recognized when it occurs. The phenomena of impertinence requires a polite,... Read More
“Let’s not expect from our media the truth about the Ukrainian turpitude and exactions,” says Colonel Jacques Gillemain. The New York Times has abandoned the neoconservative demand for victory over Russia: “A decisive military victory for Ukraine over Russia, in which Ukraine regains all the territory Russia has seized since 2014, is not a realistic... Read More
As readers know, I often make reference to Putin’s forbearance, that is, to his tolerance, patience, and self-control. I admire Putin’s forbearance which persists despite Putin never receiving any recognition or credit for it. My concern is that Putin’s forbearance does not serve him or Russia well. The reason is that the Western world no... Read More
Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, is the most demonized person in the western world since Osama bin Laden and Adolf Hitler. Hillary Clinton says Putin is “the new Hitler.” US President Biden says Putin is too evil to be permitted to stay in office. Despite these hard characterizations of the Russian leader, the Kremlin has... Read More
The Kremlin’s weak responses to provocations continue to encourage the West to bring Russia more, and more dangerous, provocations. It is irresponsible for Washington and Washington’s NATO puppet states to provoke Russia. But seeing weakness in the Kremlin, it is hard for the West to restrain itself. The West now dismisses Russian threats as bluster.... Read More
My forebodings/predictions about the Kremlin’s limited go-slow war in Ukraine are proving correct. Putin and Russia are demonized. Unprecedented sanctions amounting to piracy and theft have been imposed on Russia. The US and Europe are joining the war as de facto combatants. More countries are joining NATO with the result being the prospect of more... Read More
When the Sun reappeared after the nuclear winter that followed the 21st century’s nuclear war, no life was left in what formerly was Europe, Great Britain, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. Japanese no longer existed. The only white-skinned people were Russian and American/European expatriates living in South America, Africa, Thailand and other... Read More
If the inflation narrative we are being fed is true, the sanctions policy of the US government makes no sense as the worst sufferers are the American and European populations who are paying for the supply restrictions in higher prices and interest rates. As Russia is an exporter of energy and minerals, higher prices result... Read More
Oliver Stone on Facebook writes that rabid anti-Russian propaganda has set the stage for a false flag low-yield nuclear explosion in Ukraine that the world has been trained to interpret as Russia’s doing. The success of Washington’s perception war and saturation of the CNN/Fox airwaves with condemnation of Russia could lead to hopes that a... Read More
esterday morning I posted an explanation of why Russian liberalism was generating a wider war that could end in Armageddon. I find no relief in The Saker acknowledging the same unfolding of events. The Saker and Andrei Martyanov are two competent analysts of Russian military capability. Until recently they have acknowledged no problem with Putin’s... Read More
Vladimir Putin, demonized in the West for his “depravity,” to use the words of Defense Department spokesman John Kirby ( ), is really just an old-fashioned American liberal. Putin’s old-fashioned 19th century liberal beliefs are no match for Washington’s 21st century Satanism. Putin’s old-fashioned beliefs make him and his country sitting ducks for Washington. Apparently,... Read More
I still have forebodings about the manner in which the Kremlin is conducting the Ukrainian operation. There is no doubt that the Russians had to come to the defense of the Donbass republics. Having done little other than to provide the republics with some weapons and intelligence, for eight years the Kremlin allowed the Ukrainian... Read More
For the third French presidential election in a row, Marine Le Pen lost to a candidate of Jewish banking interests, with the electorate choosing globalism and multiculturalism over French identity. For father and daughter the Le Pens have lost 8 French presidential elections. It seems conclusive that a French patriot who stands for France and... Read More
The Corrupt US & British governments, greatly aided and abetted by Western presstitutes, have destroyed the First Amendment protection of journalism. Julian Assange’s extradition to the US to stand trial for espionage signals the termination of a free press as a method of holding government accountable. Henceforth, any journalist who publishes a leaked story unfavorable... Read More
As I emphasized from the beginning, Russia’s intervention in Ukraine was far too little and far too late. I have no doubt that the Kremlin will achieve its goal of cleansing the Donbass republics of the Western-supported Nazi Azov brigade and the Ukrainian army, but the Kremlin has pissed away the far more important opportunity... Read More
No useful information about Ukraine can be obtained from Western media. The Russian military operates without the need of news releases, so little information is provided. Last week Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said, “Of course they [Ukraine] can win this. The proof is literally in the outcomes that you’re seeing everyday.” Kirby must get his... Read More
As Facts Cannot Be Acknowledged, the Insane Drive into Nuclear War Cannot be Stopped
Some readers have asked why Russia regards Finland’s membership in NATO as a provocation. For the same reason that Ukraine’s membership is a provocation: US missile bases on Russia’s border. The US does not currently have hypersonic missiles, but will sooner or later. Such missiles on Russia’s borders could reach Moscow in 3 or 4... Read More
Russia’s Ukrainian intervention in behalf of the former part of Russia known as the Donbass region consisting of two Russian recognized independent republics, Donetsk and Luhansk, could have served as a warning to the West and ended Washington’s provocations of Russia that are leading to nuclear armageddon. But the Kremlin dropped the ball. The Russians... Read More
Thinking that Ukraine had agreed, or was about to agree, to be a neutral country, Russia pulled its troops out of the Kiev area. These troops had surrounded Kiev and occupied its suburbs. When the Russians left, a propaganda blitz erupted in the Western whore media and government councils that the Russians had been defeated... Read More
Just as everything you were told about Covid by the media and health and government officials was false, so is everything you have been told by the same propagandistic liars about Ukraine. Americans have had nothing but lies since the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy, of his brother, US Senator Robert Kennedy President-in-Waiting,... Read More
The idiot Biden Regime’s sanctions have turned out to be a great gift to Russia while driving up inflation in the US and its empire, forcing Washington to remove some of the sanctions. The sanctions have created a great opportunity for import substitution in Russia. Russian investment in the Russian economy prevents foreign ownership from... Read More
Earlier today I posted my take on the economic and military developments on the Russian front. Based on news reports, I envisioned a gold ruble dethroning the US dollar and collapsing the Bretton Woods system which has enabled the US and its financial sector to exploit the world. I wrote at the time that the... Read More
Gold ruble, Ukraine military collapse
Lots of startling changes yesterday. Russia announced, apparently, a gold-backed or gold-related ruble. I haven’t had time to think about all the implications. Information is hard to come by, because the US blocks Russian news in order to control the Ukraine narrative and war propaganda. The Bretton Woods system collapsed when the West seized Russian... Read More
Those who rely on Western media have the impression of a stalled Russian campaign in Ukraine with demoralized Russian soldiers deserting and surrendering to Ukrainians in order to get something to eat. Russian soldiers are even allegedly shooting holes in the gasoline tanks of their motorized equipment so that they cannot advance, out of sympathy... Read More
If not it means a devastating war
Readers regard the West’s seizing of Russian assets and foreign exchange as acts of war and wonder why Putin does not declare them as such. The sanctions are weapons being used in an effort to destroy Russia just as if they were military weapons. The countries imposing sanctions on Russia are just as involved in... Read More
I have warned many times that Russia’s go-slow war can result in wider war. The longer the war, the more opportunity for the Western idiots to blunder into it. Scott Ridder agrees with me: “So what’s going on right now is an effort by NATO to flex its muscles to convince itself that it has... Read More
Yesterday I reported that Anatoly Chubais, who created the Russian oligarch system during the Yeltsin years, the system in which wealth and capital flowed out of Russia, has fled Russia. He was a member of the Gang of Three with Latvian Alexei Kudrin and central bank chief Nabiullina. They convinced Putin of an economic policy... Read More
Putin is catching on
Putin Orders Ruble Payments for Energy But he has a way to go When will Putin realize that Russian default on loans is the proper response to the seizure of Russian assets? Russia would have to be extremely foolish to borrow another cent from the West. Therefore, why protect access to foreign borrowing by continuing... Read More
Since the Russian action in Ukraine began, provoked by Washington’s cold shoulder to Russian security concerns, Washington, in addition to doing all possible to keep the conflict going, has also dumped three more provocations on the Kremlin: an attempted coup or “color revolution” in the former Russian province of Kazakhstan, NATO military maneuvers currently under... Read More
Putin is a liberal in the old fashioned sense that no longer exists in the West. He believes in sustaining a network of laws and agreements that resolve disputes diplomatically instead of with violence. He believes that government should serve the people and not the economic interests of the elite. He believes that religion is... Read More
It seems the Kremlin still has delusions that there is morality in the West. The Kremlin has appealed to “international structures to make Ukrainian radicals release civilians.” What is the point of such a useless appeal? Why is the Kremlin attributing morality to the enemy that is trying to destroy Russia? Does the Kremlin think... Read More
A friend insisted that I watch some of the US TV reporting of Russia’s police action in Eastern Ukraine, called a “Russian invasion” by the Western Presstitutes. He said it was such comically infantile war propaganda that he was insulted that the media would think Americans stupid enough to fall for it. To sum it... Read More
The Russians, overcome with awe of the West and doubtful of their own validity, must have been absent when Hugo Chavez gave the most famous speech ever given at the United Nations on September 20, 2006. Paraphrasing his words, this is what Chavez said referring to US President George W. Bush: “Yesterday, at this very... Read More
Will Russia Be Defeated By Her Own Central Bank?
According to the Wall Street Journal, today President Putin has nominated for a third term Elvira Nabiullina as chief of the Russian central bank: “Ms. Nabiullina’s reappointment solidifies her role as one of Russia’s top economic generals, tasked with keeping the country’s financial system functioning and commerce flowing while fighting rages in Ukraine. Her current... Read More
In his speech to the assembly of national, regional, and district leaders on Russia’s response to the sanctions, Putin first factually describes the situation in Ukraine, how it developed, and Russia’s objective. It stands in striking contrast to Western propaganda. Putin’s speech is also notable because he acknowledges that Russia has a fifth column that... Read More
A commentator sent to me on Wednesday the economic component of Putin’s speech about the economic measures the Kremlin is taking to adjust to the economic sanctions, asking me to decipher it. Putin’s speech is reproduced below. Perhaps I am mistaken, but it looks to me like Russia was not prepared for sanctions and is... Read More
As readers know, I refer often to “dumbshit Americans.” I am beginning to wonder if the same applies to Russians. As for dumbshit Americans, the evidence is never ending. We now have a Pew Research poll of Americans, if it is accurate, that finds that 36% of American Republicans and 35% of American Democrats support... Read More
Interview with economist Paul Craig Roberts
Question 1-- Do you agree that the motive behind Washington's sanctions on Russia is to bring the country to its knees, remove it as a competitive rival to the US in Central Asia, and force Putin from office? Paul Craig Roberts-- Possibly. Washington is sufficiently stupid to think this. For the sanctions to have deleterious... Read More
The Kremlin set out to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine with a minimum of civilian casualties. No American style “shock and awe.” When the Ukrainian militias heard this, they knew what to do. They located themselves and their heavy weapons in the middle of civilian populations. From there they can fire on the Russians without receiving... Read More
Is it Washington or the Kremlin which is the most confused about sanctions and their impact? Washington and Europe have made it very clear that sanctions do not apply to payments for Russian energy and minerals. Only the US has banned the import of Russian gas and oil. As the US uses no Russian gas... Read More
Yesterday I completed a major article on the sanctions and their impacts. As Saturday readership is light, I am holding it for release tomorrow. For now, a brief update on the situation in Ukraine. The Western lie machine continues to speak of “the Russian invasion of Ukraine,” but it is not an invasion of Ukraine.... Read More
Paul Craig Roberts
About Paul Craig Roberts

Paul Craig Roberts has had careers in scholarship and academia, journalism, public service, and business. He is chairman of The Institute for Political Economy.

Dr. Roberts has held academic appointments at Virginia Tech, Tulane University, University of New Mexico, Stanford University where he was Senior Research Fellow in the Hoover Institution, George Mason University where he had a joint appointment as professor of economics and professor of business administration, and Georgetown University where he held the William E. Simon Chair in Political Economy in the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Dr. Roberts was associate editor and columnist for The Wall Street Journal and columnist for Business Week and the Scripps Howard News Service. He was a nationally syndicated columnist for Creators Syndicate in Los Angeles. In 1992 he received the Warren Brookes Award for Excellence in Journalism. In 1993 the Forbes Media Guide ranked him as one of the top seven journalists in the United States.

President Reagan appointed Dr. Roberts Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and he was confirmed in office by the U.S. Senate. From 1975 to 1978, Dr. Roberts served on the congressional staff where he drafted the Kemp-Roth bill and played a leading role in developing bipartisan support for a supply-side economic policy. After leaving the Treasury, he served as a consultant to the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Department of Commerce.