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Richard Cook, the Challenger disaster whistleblower, asks: “Who are the Neocons and what are they trying to do with respect to the Ukraine war? Why are they trying to use the US, UK, and NATO/EU to destroy Russia? How are Biden, Johnson, Scholz, van der Leyen etc. their instruments? Is Zionism part of it? These... Listen
Ron Unz, publisher of the Unz Review, has just published hard copies of two outstanding books, Our Covid-19 Catastrophe: Was the Epidemic the Result of Biowarfare Blowback? and Encountering American Pravda: Essays in a Historical Counter-Narrative. Our interview begins with a roughly half-hour discussion of why the shockingly persuasive evidence that COVID emerged from a... Listen
Germar Rudolf, chemist, publisher, and free speech hero, recently published “Give Me Freedom of Speech or the World Will End.” It’s a preface to his book “The Day Amazon Murdered Free Speech.“ I emailed Germar to congratulate him: “As far as I can tell, you’re the first Ukraine supporter who’s written anything original or thoughtful... Listen
One of the most important stories we covered on this week’s False Flag Weekly News was Scott Ritter’s postmortem on phase one of Russia’s Special Military Operation in the Ukraine. As Ritter writes, and the mainstream media admits, Russia is close to achieving its first aim, the complete liberation of the Donbass. The next phase,... Read More
An incendiary conversation with HelenOfDestroy
My “COVID-19 Bioattack Smoking Gun” video with Ron Unz has passed 170,000 views. Since a key COVID-19 bio-attack suspect, Robert Kadlec, is also implicated in the monkeypox monkey business, let’s consider several possible smoking guns—discussed during the first segment of this week’s False Flag Weekly News—casting the monkeypox scare as yet another deliberately staged event... Read More
E. Michael Jones Credits "the Cunning of Reason"
Watch the latest False Flag Weekly News with E. Michael Jones - click HERE for links to the stories we covered Pro-Russia analysts Andrei Martyanov, the Saker, and others have complained about Russia losing the propaganda war. But is it really? If you consume a lot of mainstream media it sometimes looks that way. The... Read More
Dr. Peter Chojnowski of argues that Sister Lucy, who received the Fatima revelations and served as their primary transmitter to the world, was “disappeared” and replaced with an imposter circa 1960 (an issue we covered in our previous interview). Tonight we discuss the meaning of the Fatima apparitions in relation to current events including... Listen
The Russian Ministry of Health announced Tuesday that McDonalds’ decision to leave Russia is expected to add more than four years to the average Russian’s life expectancy. Studies undertaken by the University of Moscow School of Health Issues and Troubles (UMSHIT) show that when the drunken buffoon Boris Yeltsin took over Russia after the CIA... Read More
Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign defeated incumbent president George HW Bush with the help of Ross Perot and an unrelenting focus on the be-all end-all of presidential campaigns: “It’s the economy, stupid.” Clinton’s slogan pithily summarized the accumulated wisdom of more than two centuries of presidential politics: Voters identify the incumbent president and incumbent party with... Read More
Germans impervious to irony?
Elon Musk, that self-described free speech absolutist, apparently hasn't succeeded in forcing Twitter to recognize the internationally-recognized human right of freedom of expression. At least not in Germany. Twitter sent me an email last night explaining that my tweet "Uncle Adolf stands with Ukraine, how about you?" is illegal in Germany. How can that be?... Read More
First 25 minutes: Audio of my Press TV interview (with Brian Terrell) “Saudis ‘Normalize’ Their Betrayal of Palestine.” Final half hour: Legendary alternative radio host Richie Allen interviews me on the Ukraine war and more. Listen
And violate ceasefire agreement by continuing to genocidally blockade Yemen
Happy Eid, and blessings to all my readers of whatever faith tradition, I work with a nonprofit whose primary mission is correcting misperceptions about Islam. Unlike many Islamic nonprofits, ours is not being funded by billionaire Gulf Arab despots. Why not? Because we couldn’t do our job if we accepted such funding. The corrupt Saudi... Read More
Economist and geopolitical analyst Peter Koenig discusses his recent articles “Ukraine-Russia: Towards a “Hot War”? Advancing the Agenda of the Great Reset?”, “The World Health Tyranny: Towards the WEF “Great Reset of Misery”, and “The Shanghai Lockdown. Seen from Another Angle.” Peter Koenig writes: “Russia intervened in Ukraine on 24 February 2022. Since then, all... Listen
Charlotte Dennett, author of Follow the Pipelines, explains “Why Ukraine Could Be the Mother of All Energy Wars.” Unsophisticated people think wars are about good guys vs. bad guys. Slightly savvier folks think wars are primarily driven by ideological and religious disputes. Charlotte Dennett begs to differ. She says that if you scratch beneath the... Listen
Tom Luongo of Gold Goats n’ Guns opens his new article: “This day has been a long time coming. From the moment, more than a decade ago, when it was finally admitted that Europe was destined to be an energy importer, we were going to see the climax of the showdown between the West and... Listen
In the top story of the week, last Wednesday the Pentagon brought together representatives of America’s top eight weapons manufacturers to plan massive increases in US military spending—and in military-industrial complex profits—in the likely case that the US-provoked Ukraine war goes on for years. As Reuters reported: The US has already lavished nearly two billion... Read More
The Beast must have known that it was a "hit piece" in more ways than one
Gonzalo Lira is missing. Is the intrepid on-the-ground Ukraine war correspondent being held, perhaps being tortured and murdered, by UkroNazis incited by the Daily Beast? In this three minute audio recorded March 21, Gonzalo Lira tells us that if he ever disappears, The Daily Beast is to blame. We hope and pray that Gonzalo Lira... Read More
Bestselling author and New World Order expert James Perloff dicusses his article “Ukraine: Behind the Wall of Propaganda.” He sums it up: “So we are fighting for freedom and to ‘protect our national security’ when we invade and bomb countries thousands of miles and oceans away, yet Russia is ‘the bad guy’ when they intervene... Listen
Larry Johnson of The Son of the New American Revolution blog is a well-informed and eloquent critic of the official US government and media line on Ukraine. In this interview, Larry Johnson casts severe doubts on much of what we’re hearing from the media, including the claims that “Ukraine is winning”: “What you would expect... Listen
Australian biochemist and avoidable mortality expert Gideon Polya, author of US-Imposed Post-9/11 Muslim Holocaust & Muslim Genocide, discussing “Epitaph For Madeleine Albright: Complicit In US Mass Murder Of Millions Of Non-European Children.” He notes that the West condemns the Russian war in Ukraine and bemoans the relatively small number of civilian casualties, “but only a... Listen
In today’s False Flag Weekly News (click HERE to watch on Rumble and HERE for links) Dr. E. Michael Jones and I agreed that the current war in Ukraine is a US war of aggression against Russia. Why? Because when the CIA overthrew Ukraine’s legitimate democratically-elected president, Viktor Yanukovych, in 2014—and replaced him with a... Read More
Why won’t any qualified experts defend the official story? I regularly host this annual debate, sponsored by the Association for Nine Eleven Truth Awareness. Richard Gage, the guest debater this year, then provides a most persuasive presentation of the main points of the debate that would have to be satisfactorily addressed by a future opponent... Listen
The show begins with Matthew Ehret of CanadianPatriot contemplating the political demise of neoliberal Russians including Anatoly Chubais and whether or not Russia and China are in on the Great Reset. Halfway through the hour John Titus of the Solari Report joins to discuss ongoing financial warfare, including Russia’s recent decision to demand energy payments... Listen
1) Help FFWN expose who really runs the world! Ukraine War: Who Did What When Why? 2) Evidence that the US imperialists “predicted” Russia’s invasion of Ukraine months before it happened 3) US Dollar Hegemony Ended Abruptly Last Wednesday Succeeding Wildly 4) “Russia is Succeeding Wildly in its Objectives!” Scott Ritter on the War in... Read More
First half-hour: Eric Walberg discusses his latest book review “The Boy Who Was Raised as a Girl” and expresses his dismay with the media’s moronic anti-Russia propaganda. Second half-hour: Eric Zuesse nominates Douglas Macgregor! From Eric Zuesse: We need Douglas Macgregor for U.S. President. Here is why: Democrats, Republicans, and independents, all need this person... Listen
If at first your false flag doesn't succeed, what do you? You try another false flag. The Armageddonite wing of the War Party wants a NATO no-fly zone over Ukraine. The problem is, the Russians have already imposed their own no-fly zone. So if Russia says "nobody but us can fly over Ukraine," and NATO... Read More
Richard Cook, the NASA whistleblower who stopped the Challenger disaster coverup, discusses his latest article “Pro-Zionist U.S. Politicians Dead Set on War with Russia.” It begins: “World affairs are rapidly moving toward their culmination as the U.S.-instigated war between Russia and Ukraine threatens to escalate into a nuclear conflagration. The charge to world war is... Listen
International Relations professor Michael Brenner discusses his new article “Why the Unhinged Russophobia and Anti-Putin Hysteria?” It begins: “Among the many oddities of the Ukraine affairs, the most astonishing is the frenzy of hostile passion directed at Putin, Russia, and everything Russian. Nothing close to this has been seen since World War II when Hitler... Listen
Did the Zionist oligarchs, speaking through their puppet Zelensky, just tell us that Ukraine (like 9/11) is a false flag and a Big Lie? .
Gordon Duff of Veterans Today discussing the fake news story claiming Russia attacked a maternity hospital (it was staged with crisis actors, and we caught them red-handed!) He’ll also go over VT’s exclusive intel drop from Russia’s GRU explaining what they say is really going on, as well as the countless other MSM-suppressed Ukraine war... Listen
First half hour: Dmitry Orlov weighs in on Ukraine. In today’s Orwellian America, “war is peace, freedom is slavery, and ignorance is strength”—or so the mainstream media tell us. But in reality, the truth is usually pretty much the opposite of whatever the MSM says. That seems to be the case with Ukraine, where the... Listen
In today's Orwellian America, "war is peace, freedom is slavery, and ignorance is strength"—or so the mainstream media tell us. But in reality, the truth is usually pretty much the opposite of whatever the MSM says. That seems to be the case with Ukraine, where the people we're told are good guys are actually bloodthirsty... Read More
Tufts University history professor Gary Leupp discusses his prescient, updated article “Those Who Voted for the ‘Lesser Evil’ Voted for NATO Expansion.” (If global thermonuclear and biological war is the lesser evil, I’d hate to see the greater evil!) Then in the second half of the hour Gary’s fellow Counterpunch writer Dave Lindorff of ThisCantBeHappening... Listen
Kevin Barrett interviews Ron Unz
Russia and China have accused the US of riddling Ukraine—and the world—with biological weapons. Both nations are echoing (between the lines) Iran's charge that the US unleashed the COVID-19 pandemic in a botched biological attack on Wuhan and Qom. Are we already in the middle of BioWW3?! See: Victoria Nuland: Ukraine Has "Biological Research Facilities,"... Read More
This interview was originally broadcast September 15, 2017 Why does the Western mainstream incessantly demonize Putin and Russia? Guy Mettan’s Creating Russophobia offers a detailed and convincing answer. Mettan begins by listing the many incidents and issues that have been wildly misreported (with massive anti-Russia spin at best, outright lies at worst) in the West.... Listen
Yesterday's Lecture to Center for Peace Studies, North-South University, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Peace studies programs may be the most important branch of academia. Most tend to favor soft-spoken, diplomatic approaches. After all, if you’re trying to make peace, you don’t call a bully a bully and a liar a liar. Them’s fighting words, pardner! Instead, you try to find a way to finesse the situation and mollify... Read More
Alan Sabrosky, former Head of Strategic Studies, US Army War College, Breaks Down the War Propaganda .
Is it just a coincidence that when the “fear COVID” narrative suddenly imploded, a new “fear Russia” narrative arose? Is the war in Ukraine designed to distract from the pro-freedom protests rising up around the world? Or is it all just geopolitical “business as usual”? These were among the questions raised by the brave and... Listen
Press TV video, plus a sneak preview of next month's article
If you’re looking for a couple of informed, acerbic opinions about what’s happening in Ukraine, don’t miss this weekend’s False Flag Weekly News with E. Michael Jones. And if you haven’t yet figured out which party is recklessly risking World War III, watch (or re-watch) “COVID-19 Bio-Attack Smoking Gun!” with Ron Unz. It’s pushing 45,000... Read More
Legendary math-science polymath and 9/11 truth researcher A.K. Dewdney discusses strategies for exposing the New World Order, specifically through his New World Intelligencer newsletter. During the interview he mentions the pro-9/11-truth documentary broadcast by Japan’s Asahi television network, the second-most-watched mainstream TV network in Japan. Listen
In November, 2019, who could possibly have known that the COVID-19 pandemic was brewing in Wuhan? Only the people who unleashed it! That's why the April 2020 ABC News story detailing US intelligence agency foreknowledge amounts to a "smoking gun." For the full story, read Ron Unz's free Our COVID-19 Catastrophe ebook. Note: The ABC... Read More
Washington, DC-based gadfly and retired TV talk show host Ken Meyercord reports: “Today’s Washington Post is full of reports on the possibility of the Russians executing a false flag operation to justify their invasion of eastern Ukraine; namely, staging an attack purportedly by Ukrainian forces on the Russian-speaking population of the secessionists provinces of the... Listen
Mick Harrison and Richard Gage AIA of the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry discuss the oral arguments presented earlier today to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit: “Court to decide if 9/11 victim family members, ground zero responders, and nonprofits have standing to sue U.S. Attorney for obstructing their First Amendment petition... Listen
Russia warns the United States that any further sanctions against Moscow would threaten their bilateral ties. Speaking on the phone, Russian President Vladimir Putin tells his American counterpart, Joe Biden, that introducing more bans would be a colossal mistake. Biden, for his part, warns Russia of a decisive response in case Moscow invades Ukraine. The... Read More
Greetings, Dr. E. Michael Jones and I met in Tehran in 2013. We’ve been crossing paths ever since—most recently last night on Press TV. (Watch above.) And speaking of Gen. Qassem Soleimani, whose martyrdom anniversary is tomorrow, below is my forthcoming written interview on the topic, which should be published soon at Best Kevin... Read More
Instead of broadcasting live on Saturday Dec. 25, FFWN presents this special year-end series on the top stories of 2021. Ron Unz: Collapse of Covid Origins Coverup Was the Biggest Story of 2021 1) Our Covid-19 Catastrophe EBook 2) Origin of Covid — Following the Clues Did people or nature open Pandora’s box at Wuhan?... Read More
Ron Unz responded to the AP’s 4,000-word hit piece against RFK Jr. just hours after its publication. He noticed a very strange omission: “Almost half of the entire book under attack—around 200 pages—is devoted to the presenting and promoting the astonishing claim that everything we have been told about HIV/AIDS for more than 35 years... Listen
Jamie Macphail’s book 9/11: Unraveling the Lies is a terrific resource for newcomers to the controversies around 9/11—and also for us old-timers who occasionally need to refresh our memories. As the author puts it, the book is “A comprehensive and up to date analysis summarized into one volume to provide an overview for both convinced... Listen
First 30 minutes: Zafar Bangash discusses his new article “Saudi Regime’s Arbitrary Restrictions on Hajj and Umrah“: “(The Saudis’) latest assault on pilgrims’ right to perform Umrah was announced by the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah Pilgrims last month. It set an arbitrary age limit of 18 – 50 years for Umrah pilgrims. The... Listen
Dr. Alan Sabrosky USMC, “most censored man in America,” former head of Strategic Studies, US Army War College, announced his retirement from public speaking on my radio show October 8th. Fortunately he is coming out of retirement tonight. He recently posted on his Facebook page: “SEVERAL WEEKS AGO, before my most recent 3-day (FB) ban... Listen
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