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From Daily Mail Online, September 8th: I’ve been seeking out other movies that I believe will be award-worthy when the Oscar ceremonies come around next March. Here are a few of my favorites, with plot summaries. Afratar. A group of African Americans, weary of groaning under the heel of white privilege and fearful for the... Read More
With the nation broke, Congress snoozing, and the President dithering, what we need is a little humor. Here are two offerings of different kinds that will, I'd guess, appeal to two different taste cohorts. My own taste — English Lad Crude & Silly — inclines me more towards the first offering, but you can make... Read More
Another year, another Christmas season. And what would the season be without a sing-along among family and friends, while the yule log's a-blazing and the sleigh bells are a-ringing? Here are all your favorites. • It's the Mitt Romneyist Time of the Year (To the tune "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year") It's... Read More
Tibetan Snow Shooting. In their bid for a future Winter Olympics, the communists will demonstrate their skills at picking off Tibetan refugees attempting to cross snow-covered Himalayan passes into Nepal. (This event may be scrapped because of a dispute with the Olympic authorities over the use of telescopic sights and snow goggles.) Synchronized Slimming. Competitors... Read More
[Always on the lookout for innovations in the world of science to bring before my readers, I am of course a subscriber to that indispensable compendium of pharmacological data, The Physicians' Desk Reference. Combing through the pages of the latest edition of this classic, I note the following new products to emerge from the labs... Read More
(Thoughts while watching a debate in the U.S. Senate on S.1639 — the "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" bill of 2007.) ————————— Note: The following actually was published very briefly on National Review Online. The editors pulled it after an hour or so. There's no appreciation for poetic virtuosity any more. The occasion for the poem was... Read More
It's that time of year again when we all gather round the Christmas tree with our loved ones and troll the ancient Christmas carol. Just in case you've forgotten the words, here are the lyrics to some of your favorites. • Jingle Mel Rock (To the tune "Jingle Bell Rock") Jingle Mel, Jingle Mel, Jingle... Read More
————————— College President Lowry: O.K., I don't think we need wait any longer for the stragglers. I call this meeting to order. First off, there were some curriculum issues left hanging at the end of the last meeting. Perhaps the department heads could bring us up to date. Jonah? Anything from Political Science? Goldberg: Yes,... Read More
For some reason my imagination was caught by the news last week that Osama bin Laden has sent his son Sa'ad off to fight with Hezbollah in Lebanon. Having Mozart-ized this little snippet* in last week's Radio Derb, I thought I might as well Kipling-ize it, too. Perhaps Rudyard Kipling's best-known poem, and surely the... Read More
Week One: The Volunteer as Citizen • Day 1: Diversity Awareness • Day 2: Harassment Awareness Volunteers working with FEMA employees come under the scope of federal rules on sexual harassment, as set out in relevant EEOC guidelines. These guidelines will be reviewed and discussed. All volunteers must demonstrate full awareness of sexual harassment issues,... Read More
————————— [Through the kind offices of a
Yes, boys and girls, it's that time of year again! Time to light the Holiday log, gather round the Holiday tree, raise a glass of mulled port, and sing along with Derb as I celebrate the ancient feast of Holiday. Don't hold back, now — I want to hear the rafters ring! • O Dollar,... Read More
Troubled by these opinions from such distinguished, accomplished stars of stage and screen, I went out myself seeking celebrities, to find out how representative Cher and Ms. Diaz are. I couldn't get close to any really big names, but I believe the following is none the less a fair sample of how the popular-arts community... Read More
In Lyndon Johnson's second term, When patriotism no harm meant Some résumé points I had to earn So off to Vietnam went. That country did its sights contrive Onto my heart to sear; In just four months I'd medals five, Kick-starting my career. [Chorus] And this is true, depend on me — Don't bother to... Read More
As readers of our print magazine will be aware, Holiday is upon us. A bulletin from the U.S. Congress has announced the arrival and erection of the annual Holiday Tree on Capitol Hill. We are all bustling about doing our Holiday shopping, sending out our Holiday cards, and decorating our own Holiday trees. But what... Read More
The Weekly Standard has had the neat idea of asking readers to send in letters to the editor that they (the readers) have written to publications like The New York Times, but that did not get printed. The Standard's first specimen of this "unfit to print" epistolary sub-genre was from a chap in Texas who... Read More
Back in the 1940s the sci-fi writers Lyon Sprague de Camp and Fletcher Pratt discovered how to travel into alternate universes by reciting the logical axioms that underlie the structure of those universes. They called this mode of transportation the "syllogismobile". After some months' intensive study of the work of these pioneers, I have been... Read More
Back in 1911 the American misanthrope and satirist Ambrose Bierce published his Devil's Dictionary, 140 pages of scathing commentary on the folly, ugliness and cruelty of the human race, laid out in the form of a dictionary, with "definitions" along the lines of (to give an actual sample): "Erudition, n. — Dust shaken out of... Read More
The Prologue Whan that Septembre with his shoures sote Summers droghte hath percéd to the rote, And bathéd Napas vynes with swich licour As makéth Gallo Brothers shayre price soare; Whan al vacacioun tyme is used and gonne And beaches emptye lye beneath the sonne, Whan freeways clogge with workers offys-bounde Whyl scole-buses mak roade... Read More
America's armies, airplanes, and aces Boldly, by bombing, blast Bin-Laden's bases. Carefully Colin corrals coalition— Dogged, determined, deflects dumb derision. Every extraneous enmity ends. Firefighters fall facing flames—freedom's friends! George gathers generals, grimly gives glower— History's handed him heroic hour. Ingenious, insures Islamic inaction; Jolts jeremiahs—joins Jefferson! Jackson! Kipling knew Kabul, knew Kandahar's killers; Longstanding... Read More
LITTLE ROCK (AP) 9/1/06 — The $246 billion deal with the movie companies won near-unanimous support Friday as a deadline passed for states to accept the proposal aimed at resolving remaining state claims for the cost of dealing with personal and social problems caused by movie violence. Massachusetts and Maryland, which had been considered potential... Read More
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John Derbyshire writes an incredible amount on all sorts of subjects for all kinds of outlets. (This no longer includes National Review, whose editors had some kind of tantrum and fired him. He is the author of We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism and several other books. His most recent book, published by com is FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT (also available in Kindle).His writings are archived at