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Foreign Policy

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The new Joe Biden presidency is being celebrated across the political and media culture as an epic change from Trump dictatorial madness to Biden democratic normalcy – a time when honesty, decency, stability, and, yes, science finally return to American politics. But just what “normalcy”? In reality Biden will rule over the most concentrated matrix... Read More
The ascent of Joe Biden and his neocon “promoters of democracy” to the White House likely means renewed attention to the idea of Color Revolutions once thought to bring liberation to nations under the heel of dictators. First in line for this latest geopolitical blessing could be Belarus, already site of protracted street protests in... Read More
In the wake of recent political dramas in Belarus – a lopsided and contested presidential election, massive street protests, agitated reactions from both Russia and the European Union – it seems we might be on the verge of another infamous Color Revolution. After all, regime changes promoted by the United States and NATO have become... Read More